Binpress API

The Binpress API provides access to Binpress entities data as detailed in this reference guide. If you have any problems or request, please contact us.

Requests and responses

All data retrieval requests are sent as GET requests. Currently, those are the only type of requests this API covers.

Responses are sent back as JSON. A successful request will send back a 200 HTTP code, while invalid requests will be responded with a 40* response code (depending on the error).

API access and restrictions

No authentication is currently necessary to access the marketplace API. All other APIs require that you authenticate your request

Requests are logged against your IP and are limited to 5000 per hour. You can check your remaining limit by sending a request to This request will not count against your limit.

Authenticated Requests

All non-Marketplace API requests must include an API key and be signed with an API secret string. You can access those by visiting your API access page in your Binpress publisher account.

Authenticated requests must include at least 2 parameters:

  • apikey - Your developer API key
  • sig - Request signature, MD5 hash generated with your API secret string

Example request:

Request signature is an MD5 of the request query string (including the API key) concatenated with your API secret string (API secret first). In code (PHP):

$APIsecret = '9a8hnjak274ANbKf983Jadf974haDg';
$sig = md5($APIsecret . 'product_id=30&apikey=50f1cec7ffa0');

If you have a question that was not answered on this page, let us know.