Licenses API

License activation / verification


Activate / validate a license key



The Binpress product identifier. You can retrieve a list of your products and their identifiers using the Products API.


The serial key as entered by the user.


A unique parameter identifying the license owner. You can choose whatever parameter makes sense to you to identify the user uniquely, such as app bundle ID, IP address and so forth.

Per the license limitations, a single serial key can have multiple unique identifiers (up to unlimited).


A second unique parameter identifying the license owner. For licenses that have multiple limitations, you should send both unique parameters. License validation will be checked as follows:

License Type unique1 unique2
Software license (EULA) Device End-user
Application license (code) Application N/A
Hosted license (code) Server Site
Developer license (code) Project N/A


Boolean - true / false for valid licenses.