iOS Screen Capture View

iOS Screen Capture View

Released 6 years ago , Last update 7 months ago

Screen Capture View is a control used to record real-time video and take screen snapshots of any view and it's subviews. Create a video of your app with optional audio. Acquire various screenshots with optional status bar. This package includes full source code and a working demo.


  • The code did not even compile without changes. It contains a bunch of deprecated references. The documentation for setting it up didn't work right (didn't account for changes in view layout) and required me to roll my own solution. This code is useless as-is. Don't buy unless you plan to read the code and fix it yourself. Also, I received no response from multiple support inquiries.
    FL Frank LaRosa
    8 months ago,
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  • not so good,
    you delay with this code:
    [NSThread sleepForTimeInterval:delayRemaining > 0.0 ? delayRemaining : 0.01];

    but you forgot the duration for the creating of the screenshot. so the frame rate is not accurate.
    L liwei
    4 years ago,
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  • The code can be a little better with commenting and quality, I actually bought this for 29.99 now its 10.00.
    L Larry
    4 years ago,
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  • Works great in iOS.
    Do you have the same product for Android platform?
    BB Bharat Biswal
    2 years ago,
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  • This is a very useful component, with great support and does what it says on the box.
    PW Philip White
    3 years ago,
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  • UIScreenCaptureView is very useful for me. And it saved my time.
    VG Vadim Glebov
    6 years ago,
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  • didnt work out of the box. the downloaded project if out to date, UIScreenCaptureView folder which should be drag and drop to your own project is not actually the one that is linked in the sample project.

    It didnt work for my needs, I was trying to screen capture a tab controller with 1 tab has VoIP(audio & video) functionality and it seems to interfere with that.

    Lastly, when include audio flag is turned on, for some reason it always resulted to 2 secs screen recording.
    JO Jeffrey Oloresisimo
    11 months ago,
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