2d vector handling class

2d vector handling class

Fast 2d vector handling class by templated operators overload. Useful for game development, or math programming.

  • Language: C/C++
  • Released: May 14, 2011
    Last Update: May 25, 2011

This class manages 2d vectors by templated , overloaded operators. Common operations included are scaling, sum, subtraction, dotproduct, modulus, distance , squared distance and others, angle beetween vectors , also templated types for the most used numeric formats are included.

Usage examples :

CVec2f v1,v2,v3;

float d,l;

v1.set( 10,20 );            // initialise vectors

v2.set( 30,40 );            // initialise vectors

v3=v1-v2;                    // subtraction

v3=v1+v2;                   // addition

v3=-v1-v2;                  // sign before vector argument

v3+=v1;                      // increment

v3-=v1;                       // decrement

v1=v2*10.0f;               // scaling

v1*=10.0f;                   // scaling

v2=v3/10.0f;               // inverse scaling

v3/=5.0f;                    // inverse scaling

v3=lerp( v1,v2,0.5 );  // linear interpolation between vectors

v3= project ( v1,v2 ); // Calculates the projection of  v1 onto v2

v3=perpendicular( v1,v2 ); // Calculates the component of v1 perpendicular to v2

v3=orthogonalize( v1,v2 );   // orthogonalization

v3 = cross ( v2,v1 );  // vectorial cross product

v3=reflect( v1, v2 ); // reflect vector v1 respect v2

d= dot( v1,v2 );         // dot product

v3.normalize();         // normalize vector

l=v1.length();            // lenght of vector

l=v1.squaredlength();   // squared lenght

v2.zero();          // sets all vector components to zero

v1.fabsf(); // absoulte values for each vector components

// logic comparisons

if ( v2!=v1 ) cout << "vectors are different";
if ( v2==v1 ) cout << "vectors are identical";
if ( v2>=v1 ) cout << "vectors v2 is greater or equal than v1";
if ( v2<=v1 ) cout << "vectors v2 is smaller or equal than v1";
if ( v2>v1 ) cout << "vectors v2 is greater than v1";
if ( v2
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