4 Pics - 1 Statement Game Kit for iOS

4 Pics - 1 Statement Game Kit for iOS

Released 4 years ago , Last update 4 years ago

4 pics 1 statement for iOS is a starter kit written in Objective-C and largely inspired by the famous application "4 pics 1 word", which allows the player to guess a picture out of 4 options presented on the screen. The starter kit includes documentation and the Xcode project as well as resources for both the iPhone and iPad.

Create your own 4 Pics 1 Statement iPhone application using this starter kit. This starter kit allows a player to guess the right picture (out of 4) based on the statement presented on the screen.


14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


One App License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use

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This starter kit include the following features:

  • iOS 7 compatible with 4 and 3.5 inch iPhone/iPod support
  • Apple Game Center integrated
  • InApp purchase for purchasing Coins
  • InApp purchase for purchasing Categories – ON/OFF
  • 50/50 option - this option will blur two pics. This functionality is premium and user has to spend coins
  • Shuffle options – ON/OFF
  • Shuffle questions – ON-OFF
  • Coins and Points two different entities. Coins are used for 50/50 option only and points designate users’ ranking
  • Chartboost Ads integrated – ON/OFF
  • Categories and Questions can be inputted in JSON or PLIST (XML) format
  • Sound for correct/wrong answer - ON/OFF
  • Easy configurable using a plist file – Configuration.plist
  • Score sharing on Facebook and Twitter
  • High score table

Setup & Configuration

  1. Configure required features using Configuration.plist
  2. Add Categories
  3. Add Questions
  4. Add InApp Product Identifiers for purchasing Coins
  5. Chartboost App ID and App Signature
  6. Folder Structure
  7. Frameworks and Library


1. Configure required features

Configure the required features for your 4 Pics 1 Statement app by modifying the PLIST file named Configuration.plist shown below.


2. Add Categories

You an add as many categories as you would like along with an InApp purchase product identifier for each category if you would like to lock these categories with InApp purchases. When you add a Product Identifier the player will be presented with a buy button beside the category.

Each category is a node in JSON or PLIST (XML) format. To select JSON or PLIST as input data format to the app, please see the above Configuration.plist (It should be configured with key DataInputFormat)

User category icon size : 128X128

JSON Example of Categories file : Quiz_Categories.json [here name of the file needs to be same].

{ "Categories" : [ 
{ "category_description" : "People with great achivements.",
        "category_id" : "1",
        "category_image_path" : "people_icon.png",
        "category_name" : "People",
        "category_questions_max_limit" : "6",
        "coins_per_correct_ans" : "5",
        "deduct_coins_for_50_50_option" : "40",
        "leaderboard_id" : "411",
        "points_per_correct_ans" : "20"
      { "category_description" : "How much do you know about places around the world…!!!",
        "category_id" : "2",
        "category_image_path" : "places_icon.png",
        "category_name" : "Places",
        "category_questions_max_limit" : "6",
        "coins_per_correct_ans" : "5",
        "deduct_coins_for_50_50_option" : "40",
        "leaderboard_id" : "412",
        "points_per_correct_ans" : "20",
    “isPurchaseNeeded” : 1,
“productIdentifier” : “com.heavenapps.4pics1question.people”
    ] }

PLIST (XML) Example of Categories file : Quiz_Categories.plist [name of the file needs to be same].


3. Add Questions

If the app is configured to take DataInputFormat as a PLIST then questions should be created using the PLIST format only.

To create questions file for each category, category_id plays an important role and the naming convention for questions file will be QuizCategory<category_id>.


If the category_id = 1 then questions file name for this category will be Quiz_Category_1.plist

If you have chosen JSON as your app DataInputFormat then naming convention remain the same but the extension of the question file will change to .json for

Example: QuizCategory1.json

Use options pictures Size : 600X600 pixels

JSON QuizCategory1.json file content sample:

  "Questions": [
      "Answer": "0",
      "question": "He got Noble Prize in Physics in 1921 for his explanation of the Photoelectric Effect and for his research in Theoretical physics.",
      "options": [
      "question_type": "1"
      "Answer": "0",
      "question": "Give me blood and i promise you freedom",
      "options": [
      "question_type": "1"

Note : Always set question_type value to 1

Once the questions file for plist is created it needs to be placed in the path Quiz Data->Plist_Format folder.
Similarly for json, questions file needs to be placed in the path Quiz Data-> JSON_Format folder.

PLIST (XML) QuizCategory1.plist file screenshot sample:


4. Add InApp Product Identifiers for purchasing Coins

Add InApp Purchase Identifiers for purchasing coins, these coins will be deducted for using the 50-50 feature. Add your identifiers in class named Constants.h

// Replace your consumable product Identifiers below
    NSString* const k350CoinsProductIdentier= @"com.heavenapps.4pics1question.350";
    NSString* const k750CoinsProductIdentier = @"com.heavenapps.4pics1question.750";
    NSString* const k1500CoinsProductIdentier = @"com.heavenapps.4pics1question.1500";
    NSString* const k3000CoinsProductIdentier = @"com.heavenapps.4pics1question.3000";

5. Chartboost App ID and App Signature

To enable Chartboost ads to your application following the following instructions given on the link : https://help.chartboost.com/documentation/ios . Please make sure Chartboost SDK is added to the application other wise you won't be allowed to run the app.


add chartboost App ID and App Signature in AppDelegate.m class in method named:

(BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions

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