Addicting Springboard Multiplayer Game (iOS8 + Cocos2d)

Addicting Springboard Multiplayer Game (iOS8 + Cocos2d)

Released 4 years ago , Last update 4 years ago

Our most successful iOS8 game source code that is being used to create addicting multiplayer games.

If you’re looking for that one Game Source Code that will fund your Indie Game studio for the rest of the year, check this out.


  • Full Game Template
  • List item
  • Easy to Reskin Cocos2d Source Code
  • Unlimited Re Skin Potential
  • Includes Follow Along Documentation
  • Endless Game Play
  • Optimized Code & Balanced
  • Ads Installed: Applovin
  • Analytics Installed: GameAnalytics
  • App Promotion, Reviews, Push Notifications, etc: Playhaven
  • Optimized for iOS 8


14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


Application License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use

  • 1 month support


The project was build with XCode (Version 6.0.1) for iOS SDK 6 or later.

Newer versions of XCode should build this project without problems. Compile warnings can safely be ignored, most of these warnings are coming from the external libraries that we we are using in this source code.

This source code kit allows you to create universal apps for both iPhone and iPad. In addition to the specific customizations below, you’ll also need to change the following:

Application Bundle Identifier (Bundle ID) Product Name App Icons and Splash Screens.

The above is standard for all iOS apps and won’t be detailed here.


GAME ENGINE FILES: (Levels, Global Data, Sound, Timer, Physics, etc)

All files for game engine are situated in “core” folder. Here the main classes for building levels (Global data, support classes for sound, timer, physics).


All externals libraries are situated in “external” folder. In this folder we place libraries for Ads, parsing JSON, Cosos2d, box2d and etc.

SCENES Every scene is in separate folder:

Menu Scene & IAP: This contains all the classes for the game menu. It is located at the start of the game. This is also the location of the classes for the inapppurchases (Only UI)

Game Scene: Here we placed all classes for building gamescene and process user’s input.

End level scene: This scene is where user can see result of level. This scene appears after hero drops below the screen or dies.

Fish boss scene: This scene is for the main boss in game. Other small enemies are situated in game scene.

Kingdom of Coins scene: It is scene where user converts coins to diamonds. This scene appears after player loses level.

All resources in “Resources” folder Art should be packed in atlases. Sources of atlases in “Zwoptex” folder. We use 2 packages for art it is “sd” and “hd”.

You find there *.zwd files which may by opened by zwoptex (https:// The name of atlasses should be preserved.

The arts are visible in xcode on path “viking/Resources/art”

The main constants of game you can find in DBConstantsApp.h file, DBConstants.h The constants which are responsible for pilar behaviour are in Customization.h file.

Menus That Improve Monetization

This is an iOS8 ready source code, that is developed with upgrading the character as the 1st priority. The game requires players to start each level in the easy-to-use upgrade menu. This allows players to upgrade platforms, players, dragons, and power-ups and will allow you to monetize more easily without interrupting the player.

Money Making Menus

Non-Interruptive Upgrade Menu To Maximize Profits

This increased the retention and profit for the game keeping players involved with playing the game in order to advance character.

Upgrade Menu for Platform

Upgrade Menu for Hero

Unique Endless & Competitive Game Play

Players draw lines to soar into the clouds and collect coins to build the wealth of their kingdom.

Draw Your Line Bounce Collect Coins

Build Your Kingdom of Wealth & Compete With Friends

At the end of each gameplay, players see the kingdom of coins. This is where they can build their kingdoms wealth and share with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Email to get your game viral.

Kingdom of Coins

Share and Make Your Game Go Viral

End of Level Menus Optimized to Increase Revenues

The end of level screen has facebook integrated to allow players to invite friends and compare scores with them. You will see how high you rank with friends. Their is also Unlock kids mode and play on in app purchases to allow players to bend the game rules and advance more quickly.

End of Level Menu

Compete with Friends on Facebook

Multiplayer & Viral Mechanics

Have players compete with friends when they sign up for facebook. This allows them to see scores live as they play the game.

Play with Friends

Specifications for this Multiplayer Source Code

Ad Networks: - AppLovin (Intersitials) - RevMob (Just Banners)

Analytics: - GameAnalytics (Free)

Review Prompts, Cross Promotions & In App Promotions: -Playhaven (Triggers All Setup)

More Features: - iOS 8 Compatible - Universal Project - Free and Pro Version - Complete Store - In App Purchases (Upgrades + Characters) - Analytics (GameAnalytics) - Ratings Prompt (PlayHaven) - Intersitial Ads (AppLovin) - Banner Ads (RevMob)

We made this easy to reskin from the design of code in Cocos2d to the detailed instructions and documentation explaining (how to reskin, setup in app purchases, how to setup ads).

A perfect code for your 1st or 100th reskin using Cocos2d. The opportunities are endless.

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  • AL Alex Ledovskiy 2 years ago
    I also can not open the zwd files with zwoptex. It says: The operation couldn’t be completed. Could not add resource Resource of this type are not supported. https://
  • AL Alex Ledovskiy 2 years ago
    Hey Markus, Had a question about building paid version target. It complains about architecture for a few files. Could you please take a look and help me to compile the paid version? Xcode: 7.0.1 Devices: iPhone 6 with iOS 8.4 onboard, iPhone 5,6,6s simulators Target: viking_paid Undefined symbols for architecture i386: "_OBJC_CLASS_$_PHPublisherContentRequest", referenced from: objc-class-ref in PlayHavenManager.o "_OBJC_CLASS_$_PHPublisherIAPTrackingRequest", referenced from: objc-class-ref in MKStoreManager.o "_OBJC_CLASS_$_PHPublisherOpenRequest", referenced from: objc-class-ref in PlayHavenManager.o "_OBJC_CLASS_$_PHPushProvider", referenced from: objc-class-ref in PlayHavenManager.o ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture i386
  • AR Ahmad Razoogi 4 years ago
    How easy it is to reskin the game?
    • Markus Skupeika Publisher 4 years ago
      If your familiar with Cocos2d, it will be pretty simple. We use sprite sheets for the art, so that will help. But if you really wanted to you could re-use some of the art assets and change just the major art assets that would make your game unique to get approved in the app store. The coding is all done, just doing some switching of the art would all you need to do. But it's a plus if you have some knowledge of Cocos2d just so you can review the documentation and modify files/art if needed. Hope that helps.... also check out the instructions I posted to reskin the game. It is at the bottom of the Game Description.