AES Encryption

Released 7 years ago , Last update 7 years ago

Custom key component that utilizes AES to encrypt / decrypt data.

Encrypt your data with modern AES encryption using this easy to use class.


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Usage Instructions

This component makes AES encryption simple. It's easy to use, and it works!

The included class encrypts and decrypts strings using the AES algorithm. It has has no special requirements, and will work anywhere you need it. Instantiate it, feed it strings to work on and you are done. Truly Plug and Play code.

Included in package is a example application that shows how easy is to work with this package. The example application shows encryption / decryption on input from textboxes in a form and on files.

Class methods

Encrypt (encrypt to string)
Decrypt (decrypt from string)
EncryptString (encrypt to string + URL friendly)
DecryptString(decrypt from string + URL friendly)

URL friendly means formatting is preserved.

The keys and vectors in the dll source file are factors that determine uniqueness of your encryption. Change them before usage.

Quick guide:

  1. Change keys and vectors in AES source (for security reasons)
  2. Build the project
  3. In you own application make reference to that dll (made in step 2)
  4. To your code add: using AES
  5. Instantiate object AES.AESimpl code = new AESimpl();
  6. Use the class methods described above.
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