AHWikiEngine - Wiki Framework for iOS

AHWikiEngine - Wiki Framework for iOS

Released 6 years ago , Last update 5 years ago

AHWikiEngine is a framework for easily displaying, parsing, and interacting with Mediawiki wikis within your app.

The Wiki interaction engine for iOS

AHWikiEngine makes it easy to browse wikis in your app. Whether you are building an app for a client's favorite wiki or an internal app for your company wiki, AHWikiEngine will make it a blast.

AHWikiEngine is the result of two years' of work on Wikipedia related projects. It was originally written for Wikibot, a Wikipedia viewer which has been featured by Apple multiple times. Apps using this framework have been downloaded over 1M times.

AHWikiEngine helps you do the following:

  • Parse wiki articles
  • Extract article metadata (images, captions, categories, etc)
  • View article images in an elegant image gallery
  • Manage browsing history
  • Quick access to Table of Contents
  • Customize the visual presentation of articles
  • Search within pages
  • and more

Please download the demo project or check it out on github to evaluate AHWikiEngine. The demo project includes several examples on how to customize AHWikiEngine for different wikis and to customize the visual presentation.


14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


AHWikiEngine Binary

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use

  • 6 months support

Quick Start

In AppDelegate.m

[AHWikiEngine start];

In your controller

AHWikiViewController *wikiViewController = [AHWikiViewController new];
[wikiViewController loadArticleNamed:@"USA"];
UINavigationController *nav = [[UINavigationController alloc] initWithRootViewController:self.wikiViewController];
[self presentViewController:nav animated:YES completion:nil];


  • Drag AHWikiEngine.embeddedframework to your project
  • Go to Build Phases and make sure that AHWikiEngine.framework and libxml2.dylib are linked with your binary
  • Under Build Settings, add "-ObjC" to Other Linker Flags


  • AHWikiEngine.embeddedframework (armv7, armv7s, i386)
  • AHWikiEngine Demo project containing several examples
  • Full documentation in Appledoc format


The following system frameworks are required by AHWikiEngine:

  • Foundation.framework
  • UIKit.framework
  • libxml2.dylib

AHWikiEngine requires iOS 5.0 or higher.

AHWikiEngine is designed to work with Mediawiki-based wiki websites. The parser has been designed specifically for Wikipedia. The closer the wiki is to the vanilla installation of Mediawiki, the higher the likelihood that AHWikiEngine will parse out of the box. Wikis with extensive page modifications may require their own parser.

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  • P Prasad 5 years ago
    I got wikipedia article when i pass title few months ago. Now i didn't get wikipedia article. What do i have to do? Is there any registration process needs? Please tell me.
  • P Prasad 5 years ago
    Is there AHWikiEngine - Wiki for Android? Please tell me.
  • P Prasad 5 years ago
    How to get forward and backward history using AHWikiEngine frame work? and also may you send details or document how to use this framework?