AJAX Contact Form

AJAX Contact Form

Released 7 years ago , Last update 7 years ago

Easy to configure and customize. Fast form submission. Tooltips fadeIn effect. Cross-browser compatible!

1-minute installation

This user friendly AJAX Contact Form is easy to install & configure. Your form is up and running within 1 minute.


Automatically displays tooltips next to input and textarea fields by using the "description" attribute for input fields and the "title" attribute for textarea fields.


Validates email address and you can configure custom validation for each form field using preg_match patterns.

No page reloading

Form data is sent using AJAX requests which means no page reload when submitting the form, thus saving you bandwidth and saving waiting time for your visitors.

XHTML W3C valid

The page containing the AJAX Contact Form is XHTML valid. You can test this by using the W3C Validator button on the bottom of the page.

Tableless Form Layout

No tables are used to make up the form. CSS is used to display the form to mimic a tabular layout.

jQuery effects

The form fades out after successful submission using jQuery effects. A thank you message is displayed instead of the form.

Customize & configure by XML file

Easy to configure and customize using a separate settings.xml file. No risk of messing up the code.


14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


Personal License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 site, unlimited servers

  • No distribution (hosted use only)

  • Commercial use


How to install

  1. Extract zipfile to a folder you choose
  2. Edit settings.xml to change the default recipient emailaddress info@example.com to your emailaddress.

That's all you need to make it work.


Try out by filling the form with sample data and click on "Get in touch". Within a couple seconds you will receive the email in your mailbox.


You can easily customize the fields to fit your needs and change the recipients of the contact form.

Customizing form fields

Modify your settings.xml to add or remove form fields. A form field has the following properties:

  • nameField - The name of the field.
  • mandatory - Set to true if the field is mandatory, false if the field is optional.
  • message - The message to show when the field is mandatory and the field is empty or does not validate.
  • validator - The preg_match pattern to validate the field, useful for email addresses and domainnames.

Replacing icons

The script uses two icons which you can replace by your own. - alt text Tooltip - alt text Error

Modify recipients

You can add multiple recipients for your contact form. Just modify the settings.xml to add or remove the recipients. An entry has the following properties:

  • nameRecipient - Name of the recipient (e.g. John Doe)
  • emailRecipient - Email of the recipient (e.g. info@example.com)

Version history

1.0.3 - 05/21/2011

  • modified margins
  • tooltip brought back

1.0.2 - 05/20/2011

  • fonts made bigger
  • removed fieldset and legend CSS

1.0.1 - 05/20/2011

  • form table layout changed to form CSS layout
  • required asterisks inserted using Javascript replaced by static html
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  • DV David Vincent 5 years ago
    demo dos not work !!! :(