Amazon Product Advertising API PHP Wrapper

Released 6 years ago , Last update 6 years ago

PHP library class for amazon product advertising API.

A PHP library class to working with Amazon Product Advertising API, for working with the latest version of Amazon Product Advertising API (2011-08-01).

Requirements :

  • PHP 5.3 (min!)
  • SimpleXMLElement must exist (PHP must be compiled with libxml. It is the default on most configurations)

Features :

  • Search Operation
  • ItemLookup Operation
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BSD license

The BSD license is an open-source license.


I have created this library to helping people working with Amazon Product Advertising API. Using PHP 5.3 version and latest PHP features such as namespace and lambda function, and also latest Amazon Product Advertising API.

For now, this library only supports two main operations :

  1. Search operation
  2. ItemLookup operation



Copy the library into your working folder, and set library folder into your php include_path settings.

Examples :

  • Working folder : /var/www/amazon/
  • Library copied into /var/www/amazon/php-amazon-pa-wrapper/
  • In your PHP project, use setincludepath to add the library foldor to the include path: set_include_path(get_include_path() . PATH_SEPARATOR.YOUR_ROOT.YOUR_DS . 'php-amazon-pa-wrapper')
  • Call the main class at Amazon.php and setup autoload (to load all the dependencies)

complete code :

How To Use

How To Use

This library only support two common amazon product advertising API process :

  • Search
  • ItemLookup

Search request code example :

 * set operations
     'SearchIndex' => 'Books',          
     'ResponseGroup' => 'Large'

 //get response data from sended request

 //debug function is my custom function to 'print_r' any variables, you can use your own function.
 //getItems will return all items data from amazon response

To use Search operation, please do not forget to include 'SearchIndex' when you use setParams.

ItemLookup example:


 * set operations
      'ResponseGroup' => 'Large'


Response data :

  • to get total results : use method getTotalResults (from Response class)
  • to get total pages : use method getTotalPages (from Response class)
  • to get raw xml data from amazon response : use method getRawXml (from Response class)
  • For any response data you can check in my Response class.
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