Amazon Product Advertising API PHP Wrapper

Released 6 years ago , Last update 6 years ago

PHP library class for amazon product advertising API.

Questions & Comments

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  • MS Maximiliano Sorribas 1 year ago
    What is your_tag_key? $amazon->setAccountIds('your_aws_key','your_secret_key','your_tag_key');
  • A AlreadyCoded 2 years ago
    Here is the Amazon Product Advertisement API based search tool
  • A Ausaf 3 years ago
    We are "Amazon Product Advertising Api Expert", We can import any type (Clothing, Waches, Jewelry, Shoes, Furniture and Cosmetic etc ) of amazon data with your Associate Tag Extract XML Data and Save in Sql Database. (Image url, Buy Url, Product Description etc) Our Rates: 10k Products = $10 100k Products = $100 1M Products = $1000 10M Products = $10000 100M Products = $100000 100K Data Download Limit Per Day Amazon Api Working Website for reference There are so many other websites too....Can be shown on your request You can email me if you want direct contact about api
  • CB Chandra bhanu 4 years ago
    Can i use this for getting offer-feeds, means only products having an offer.
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