Android Cooking Game Kit

Android Cooking Game Kit

Released 4 years ago , Last update 4 years ago

Cooking game for the android platform.

Publish your own cooking game on the Android market

A cooking game starter kit for android! An arcade style game where the user has to make burritos and other items to satisfy customers, while unlocking cool new ingredients. Watch the video for a demonstration of the gameplay.

The more the user plays the harder the levels get. Users will have to cook chicken, steak, and prepare other ingredients which really brings the game to life.

The game also has a built in store which you can also use at your own discretion. Android Cooking Game Kit is a starter kit and COMPLETE source code for anyone wanting to create and publish their own cooking game.

The game is compatible with Android 2.2 and up. It is also compatible with all screen resolutions.


  • Over 90 levels of gameplay
  • Full source code + graphic assets
  • Video instructions on setting up and creating the workspace
  • Will create video tutorials on reskining the game as requested
  • Class files to manage each ingredient
  • AndEngine based game


14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


Application License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use

  • 6 months support


If you don’t like reading through documentation and prefer watching a video, I have created a set of instructional videos on how to set up and install bloc switcher source code + a video on setting up monetization.

Installing + projects needed:

Video Documentation on Installing The game

Monetization options setup

Video on setting up monetization

If the video looks too small to see on YouTube just make it full screen and you should be able to view it better.

Installation Instructions

First off you will need to Android SDK. Follow the instructions here:

Android SDK

To install the game on your device. Look inside the “bin” folder of the root folder of the game source file. Use the APK to install the game.

How to edit source files:

First off you will need to download and install the Android SDK.

This game was built using eclipse IDE and AndEngine android engine.

You must have eclipse installed, and get copies of the AndEngine source files from its repository here:

AndEngine Github

Or you can use the project tiled “AndEngine” that comes with this project. Just simply import it.

NOTE: Make sure if you are getting the project from the link above BE SURE to copy the GLES2-Anchor Center branch. Not GLES2. I advise just using the one that comes with this project.

You will also need a copy of the Texture packer extension found here which is found inside the zip file with the source code. Labeled: “AndEngineTexturePackerExtension “. Simply import it as stated above.

Don’t know how to import projects? Check out this video:

Importing projects into eclipse

After this you must import all three workspaces into eclipse and then add each library to the “Block switcher” workspace as library sources.

From here are free to edit the code.

To import these two projects into eclipse follow these instructions:


Once these are imported you should be good to go. You also need to import the source code for burrito dash using the same method above.

You will need to add both projects as “Libraries” to the block switcher project after it is imported into eclipse. Here is a video of how to do so Here

How to use Revmob:

By default this project is set up to use Revmob. To use Revmob, you must go into the GameActivity class file and locate the “onCreateResources method. To use Revmob you simply need to set your APP id in the Android manifest.

This is the line you need to change of that file:

<meta-data android:name="" android:value= "YOUR REVMOB APP ID HERE"/>

I advise watching the videos in the top of this document that I made specifically for this project if you are confused about the instructions.

How to use Admob:

By default this project is set up to use Admob. It shows ads on every screen of the game. To use it all you need to do is use your APP ID with admob. Here’s how:

Navigate to the GameActivity class file in the project. Open it and find the following method:

@Override protected void onSetContentView() {

Once you find it, look for the following line of code and place your APP ID within it:

adView = new AdView(this, AdSize.BANNER, "YOUR APP ID HERE");

How to use Start app

Start app full screen ads are shown when the user navigates back to the main menu from gameplay, when a user fails a level, and it’s shows a full screen ad for ever second level the users passes. To use start app, all you need to do is replace the following code in the manifest with your IDs given from start-app.

            android:value="DEV ID HERE" />
            android:value="APP ID HERE" />
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    can you share the game link? and also tell if it's native/cocos2d/x.