Android Feedback Activity with SOAP service

Android Feedback Activity with SOAP service

Released 3 years ago , Last update 3 years ago

Complete User Feedback Activity for your Android Java application with built in SOAP service support, demo app project and PHP SOAP service included as an example.

This activity let user to select a email where can be contacted back, input feedback as text and opt for including extra info to the feedback like Android version device brand and model.

The activity easy to be implemented in any Java Android project copy/paste and configure web service path.

Feedback Activity will give you access to: - user feedback - device Android version (*) - device Brand (*) - device Model (*) - device locale - device IP

(* Information can be sent or not)

easy to use, easy to add more options to this activity

This project is based on open source ksoap2-android library (MIT licence) Works with Android 2.1 and up


14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


Application License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use

  • 1 month support


Requirements: PHP and MySQL server

Install web soap service:

  1. Copy folder soapfeedback_service on the desired location on your Apache server
  2. Open your MySQL server (phpMyAdmin or with other MySQL client) and create a database ex. soapservicefeedback
  3. In the previewsly created database create the feedbacks table the create code for this table can be found in the file feedbacks.sql in the root of soapfeedback_service folder
  4. Open server config file config.php and update mysql connection settings with correct settings for your server
  5. Open the wsdl file located on wsdl folder (feedback.wsdl) and replace namespace with your desired namespace and service address with the url to the service you installed in the steps 1-4

    example <service name='autoPlusFeedbackService'> <port name='feedbackPort' binding='feedbackBinding'> <soap:address location='http://localhost/soapfeedback_service/'/> </port> </service>

    replace http://localhost/soapfeedbackservice with the url of the soapfeedbackservice on your test server

  6. you can test the server with the test.php script ex. http://localhost/soapfeedback_service/test.php

    if the server is configured correctly it will return a message like this

    Array ( [service_version] => 1.0.0 [response] => success )

Configure the Android project:

  1. Import in your IDE (Eclipse the project) the android project SoapFeedbackDemo
  2. FeedbackActivity source file (/SoapFeedbackDemo/src/ro/nisi/android/soapfeedbackdemo/ Find postFeedBack method and update final String NAMESPACE = ""; final String URL = "";

    with paths of service

    !!! Atention - if you test it on a localhost enviroment then on the php script it is ok to use localhost, however on the device witch must be on the same local network with your Apache server you have to put the ip of your Apache server eg.

  3. Compile the source code and test it with a device

If everythink is configured correctly every message you input on the device will be stored on the mysql table feedbacks with the IP, and locale of the device

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