Animated Semi Modal for iOS

Animated Semi Modal for iOS

Released 6 years ago , Last update 6 years ago

Semi modal view with pushed-back minimize animation for iOS apps.

This is an effort to make a replica of semi-modal view with pushed-back stacked animation found in the beautiful Park Guides by National Geographic app. You can see this original semi-modal view below.

This library (ARC) is designed as a category to UIViewController so you don't have to subclass and you can simply drop in any project and it will just work!

Original screenshot

Replica (view demo video to see the beautiful animation)


Download a demo clip here (1.3MB, .mov)


  • Works with bare UIViewController
  • Works with UIViewController contained inside UINavigationController
  • Works with UIViewController contained inside UINavigationController, contained inside UITabbarController
  • Auto handling of modal frame size
  • Auto handling of touch area for dismissal

  • Easy to understand and very small code base, only 2 files

  • Trivial to implement as subclass
  • Only use basic CAAnimation, should work fine with SDK 4.x up.


  • iPad support
  • Landscape support

Installation / How to use

  • #import "UIViewController+KNSemiModal.h" in your ViewController
  • Call [self presentSemiModalView:myView]

Read my blog post for detailed usage.

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MIT license

The MIT license is an open-source license.

License » MIT license Download

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  • M Mete 5 years ago
    It says "download by sharing this page on twitter". Well, it's funny because I don't use twitter. Now, I have to create a fake twitter account. It's ridiculous!!
  • CS Christopher Smoak 5 years ago
    Does anyone know if an app with this functionality made it through the iTunes app approval process?
  • JL jack lestrohan 6 years ago
    Interesting, too bad it doesn't handle Autorotation yet, but overall very good, especially for a free component. Thanks! :)
    • Kent Nguyen Publisher 6 years ago
      Thanks Jack. Would it be possible to put that patch up in Github where I host the original code so that others can reuse it as well?