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Askbot is a Q & A forum inspired by StackOverflow, written in Python and Django

  • ask and answer questions
  • post comments
  • all posts are editable
  • vote and bookmark
  • reputation system & badges
  • flexible drill-down search by full text, tags, and selection scopes
  • share via social media
  • multi-provider login system
  • live settings configuration
  • installs via easy_install and pip
  • documentation and test case suite available
  • askbot fully supports internationalization and is available in several languages
  • will work with other Django applications


14 day 14-day money-back guarantee



The GNU GPL is an open-source license.


There are several methods to install Askbot:

1) Use Python package distribution tools

pip install askbot 

easy_install askbot #if you prefer easy_install

Either of the two commands will automatically install Askbot and the dependency packages. Pip is a significant improvement upon easy_install and is strongly recommended.

If you do not have pip or easy_install, download the askbot archive from PyPI, unzip and untar it, then run:

python install #this is actually equivalent to running easy_install

2) If you are a developer, you can obtain the source code from the repository:

git clone git://
cd askbot-devel
python develop 


After the software is installed, the following will need to be done to start your forum:

1) create a project directory
2) create a database and initialize tables
3) test run the site
4) deploy on a real web server

This document briefly goes through steps 1-3. For more detailed information, please visit Askbot project documentation and the support forum.

Askbot ships with a script "startforum" that can be typed on the command line and the project directory will be created in the location you choose.

There are many methods to create the databases - for example - many hosting providers have handy tools helping to do that easily.

Use PostgresQL database, if possible, but askbot will work with MySQL. Other database engines may work as well, but they were not yet tested.

At the minimum, a database user name and password will need to be entered in the file "".

Finally, initialize the database tables and test-run the forum:

python syncdb
python migrate
python runserver :8000 

Get support

Askbot has fabulous support - including customization, installation and maintenance help - please visit the project forum or send a message to ""

Critical bugs are normally fixed the same day. 

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