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Add Twitter / Weibo style @ mentions autocomplete to your application.

Add Twitter / Weibo style @ mentions autocomplete to your application.



  • Can listen to any character - not just '@', and set up multiple listeners for different characters with different behavior and data.
  • Supports static data and dynamic data(via AJAX) at the same time - static data will be searched first, and then use AJAX to fetch non-existing values.
  • Listener events can be bound to multiple textareas
  • Cacheable
  • Format returned data using templates
  • Keyboard controls in addition to mouse - Tab or Enter keys select the value, Up and Down navigate between values


  • jQuery >= 1.7.0.



default = {
             Callback function to dynamically retrieve data based on query.
             `At` will pass two arguments to the callback: `query` and `callback`.
             `query` is the keyword that is being autocompleted after the character listener ('@' is the default)
             `callback` should be run on the data. It accepts a string array or plain object array
    'callback': null,

     Enable search cache. Set to false if you want to use $.ajax cache.
    'cache' : true,

             Static data to use before the callback is invoked

             How many items to show at a time in the results
            'limit' : 5,

             Item format template
             `data-value` contents will be inserted to the textarea on selection
            'tpl' : "<li id='${index}' data-value='${name}'>${name}</li>",

             The name of the data attribute in the item template
            'choose' : "data-value"

Using static data

Bind a textarea to listen to a specific character and pass an array of data in the data parameter:

var emoji_list = [
    "apple", "aquarius", "aries", "arrow_backward", "arrow_down",
    "arrow_forward", "arrow_left", "arrow_lower_left",     "arrow_lower_right",
"arrow_right", "arrow_up", "arrow_upper_left", "arrow_upper_right"];


Using dynamic data with AJAX

This time we pass a callback function instead of the static data as the second parameter.

$('textarea').atWho("@",function(query,callback) {
    var url = "#",
    param = {'q':query},
    names = [];
    $.ajax(url,param,function(data) {
        names = $.parseJSON(data);

Using both static data and dynamic data

We pass a configuration object containing both the data and callback parameters.

var names = ['one','two'];
    'data': names,
    'callback': function(query,callback) { 

Custom templates

The following code is taken from the example.html file

base template, li element and data-value attribute are all necessary. We also show how to set up multiple listeners with different characters.

<li data-value='${word}'>anything here</li>

    'tpl': "<li id='${id}' data-value='${name}'>${name} <small>${email}</small></li>"
    tpl:"<li data-value='${key}'>${name} <img src='${name}.png'  height='20' width='20' /></li>"
    ,callback:function(query,callback) {
            ,success:function(data) {
                datas = $.map(data,function(value,i){
                    return {'id':i,'key':value+":",'name':value}


14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


MIT license

The MIT license is an open-source license.

License » MIT license Download

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