Bassta - ActionScript3 Framework for multilingual websites

Bassta - ActionScript3 Framework for multilingual websites

Released 7 years ago , Last update 7 years ago

An ActionScript3 framework for building multi-lingual websites, uses an easy Symfony style SWFAddress integration

Bassta is an AS3 framework based on the Framy framework.

The purpose is to speed-up the creation of multi-lingual websites, and to easily integrate with SWFAddress. The framework works with SWFAddress and TweenLite and provides several useful features:

  1. The Routes - add Symfony style routing. Route looks like /page/:subpage/:param/ , you can get the 'subpage' and 'param' variables from the URI anywhere in your coce
  2. Multi-lingual support - instead of string, jast pass XMLList. example:

    Христо Димчев Chrysto Dimchev

  3. Widget Structure -> hook widgets with URL, control their position, the in/out animation

  4. Bundled components - TextFields, Sprites, Labels 5 Automaticly resizes to browser
  5. Unique positioning system: x,y,width and height take not only number, but strings, percents and functions. For example: x = function():Number{return stage.stageWidth-50}, or y="center" centers the widget
  6. Debug Panel - browser logging, dynamic variables, change SWFAddress path in the Flash IDE

And many more. I'm working on the documentation right now, the example website is built with the older version of the framework, but the current version has the same features.

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