CakePHP2 phpBB3 Authenticate

CakePHP2 phpBB3 Authenticate

Released 7 years ago , Last update 7 years ago

Authenticate users on a CakePHP2.0 app using a phpBB3 forum user table. Allows for single sign-on between phpBB3 and CakePHP

This component allows the use of a phpBB3 forum user table with a CakePHP2.0 application. Instead of migrating phpBB3 user data, you can use single sign-on directly from phpBB3 user table.


A. Download the package and unpack it to your CakePHP application folder - either override or edit your CakeApp's files.

B. Setup the Auth component as you should do for the default Cake FormAuth, note that the default package already includes an AppController that should auto-activate phpbb3Authenticate when you override your CakeApp's files. Otherwise you can manually enable it.

class AppController extends Controller{
    var $components = array(
        'Auth'=> array(
            'authenticate' => array(
                'Phpbb3' => array(
                    'fields' => array('username' => 'username', 'password' => 'user_password')

C. It's recommended to add a new database configuration on your Config/database.php named forum with phpBB3 installation prefix in place.

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MIT license

The MIT license is an open-source license.

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