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Centipede is a nano web framework.

Centipede is a collection of WSGI middleware with a simple decorator based router. It's strength is that it models the technology in use and tries not to confuse developers with complex patterns and tricks.

It makes use of webobvirtualenvurlrelay and mako.



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The GNU GPL is an open-source license.




Either unpack you downloaded .zipfile, or clone the mercurial repository: 

$ hg clone https://centipede.googlecode.com/hg/ projectname  
$ cd projectname  
$ python bootstrap.py --no-site-packages .  
$ source bin/activate  
$ ./run install  
$ ./run

$ chromium-browser http://localhost:8080

To disable the virtual environment:

$ deactivate



Have a look at controllers.py & framework.py.

It's pretty much just to make a function and expose it to some url using the @expose decorator.

@expose('^/someurl$','GET', content_type='text/plain')  
def index(request, response):  
    """ Some url that returns a bit of text  
    return 'someurl have been reached'

from framework import template  

def index(request, response):  
    """ Return the index template  
    return template('index.html', params=request.params)


Centipede is a nano web framework.

It's main purpose is to provide a really simple, clean and detached way to expose a rest service to the web. Be it an API, an application or just a few html pages.

Check out the controllers article to see how.

License » GNU GPL Download

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