ChartLogix PHP Graphs

ChartLogix PHP Graphs

Released 5 years ago , Last update 4 years ago

Great looking charts, instant set up - Quick and easy classes to produce charts as JPEG or PNG.

Questions & Comments

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  • GM Geoff MacDonald License holderUnlimited
    1 year support
    Purchased on Jul 26, 2017
    8 months ago
    Do you support multiple Y-axes for line graphs? I need to plot two (or more) lines on one graph, with some lines having a range 0-20 and others a range of 0-100, with both ranges appearing as separate vertical axes. As an example, this could be: * X-xis: time of day * Y-axis 1: number of people in canteen * Y-axis 2: number of times coffee vending machine is used
  • D Didiergm 3 years ago
    Hi, I have a fairly specific need for the Line graph (in the sense that no many libraries provide this) - can the point on the line be individually drawn (shape and color ?) - Can I had a background image - or do I need to merge it using e.g. imageMagick ? - Once the perpetual licence ispurchased, how long till I receive the source code and am I free to alter it ? thanks in advance Didier
  • RB Rod Beckwith 3 years ago
    Is this code still supported?
    • RB Rod Beckwith 3 years ago
      I would like to purchase a dev license, but I want to see if the code is maintained or an orphan
    • CubeLogix Ltd Publisher 3 years ago
      Hi Rod, Yes this is still supported; and you receive full, easy to read source code with your purchase for ease of customization. Support is provided by e-mail or Skype.
  • RD Rebecca Dittman 3 years ago
    Can this script receive data from a mysql database?
    • JH james hudson 1 year ago
      Yes, This is what I do.
  • P PPHan License holder1 Site
    6 month support
    Purchased on Apr 23, 2013
    5 years ago
    May I know is it support offline mode(without internet)? Also is it able to integrate with CodeIgniter framework? Thanks!
    • CubeLogix Ltd Publisher 5 years ago
      Hi, yes! The library is completely self contained and does not rely on an internet connection or any external sites / apis. And, yes - The library is not dependent on any particular PHP framework which means that it can be used with any of them, including CodeIgniter, Zend, CakePHP etc.
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