ChartLogix PHP Graphs

ChartLogix PHP Graphs

Released 5 years ago , Last update 5 years ago

Great looking charts, instant set up - Quick and easy classes to produce charts as JPEG or PNG.


  • For simple yet attractive graphs, this is the bees knees. It's affordable, super simple to install (one file) and generate charts (much simpler than solutions that do obscure types of charts). I'm generating charts on the fly for inclusion in PDF documents and it works flawlessly!

    Exceeded my expectations, good job ChartLogix!
    RP Richard Perry
    5 months ago,
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  • This has been an excellent addition to an app I am developing. While I love the abilities I can get from javascript libraries, those don't work when generating PDF reports and such. This is very simple to use and gets the job done extremely well.
    CE clint eschberger
    2 years ago,
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  • Easy to integrate, easy to use, produces nice-looking charts at a reasonable price.

    Wish it supported the ability to set transparent background colors for PNGs.

    Wish it provided a method to access the raw image data so it could be formatted as a data URI or further manipulated by the calling code before turning it into a file.
    KR Kris Rande
    1 month ago,
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  • A good, easy to use product with some innovative ideas. Missing some more advanced features (some can be easily added through simple coding changes).

    Better quality graphs than some other tools but only support bar and pie charts which, fortunately, was all I needed.
    GS Greg Salthouse
    1 year ago,
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