Chat App Design Template for Android

Chat App Design Template for Android

Released 4 years ago , Last update 4 years ago

Build a messaging application using this design template. Package includes the implementation of the design template, apk package, source code and the original PSD files.

Questions & Comments

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  • A Anoj 6 months ago
    i am interest of this code how to execute and how to see database can u explaine
  • H haythamaghaffar 1 year ago
    Plz I am interest with developer license but I want to ask can I open it on android studio and change design ? how can I connect with database ? is it have any closed code for your side ? regards
  • P poizon 2 years ago
    where's the free or open source version of this template?
    • KP Kamryn Palmer 2 years ago
      It's only $100... pay for it you dang moocher. This is a great product and the developers should be compensated for their effort.
  • D dede 2 years ago
  • H Hazeal 2 years ago
  • A Al 2 years ago
    Hi, I have a questions before buying this template. Does it show a notification when a new message is receive?
  • C Calvin 2 years ago
    Hi, Does this chat templates comes with video or picture transfer in the chat room?
  • JG Jakob Genis 2 years ago
    Hi My name is Jakob Genis. I'm interested in buying the Chat App Design . Can it be turned into app for instant messaging. For instance there is Can it be turned into
  • O Omar 3 years ago
    Hi Designers I have the following questions 1. do the template have android app and web application? 2. when i buy , can I host my domain 3. what kind of web-server needed? understood logos ,colors etc are editable
  • C Champak 3 years ago
    Its too good. But the price it too Huge. No one can afford it.
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