Chat - Messaging SDK for iOS

Chat - Messaging SDK for iOS

Released 4 years ago , Last update 1 year ago

Fully featured customizable Objective-C framework to display and manage message based conversations - similar to Whats App or Messages. Quickly add text, picture and location based messaging functionality to your app.

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  • JC Jozsef Csaszi 1 year ago
    What if I implement this, but we store in the memory a full transaction list which has more than 10k record? Is it an optimal way too?
    • Ben Smiley Publisher 1 year ago
      I don't think that 10k records would be a problem. Can you explain in a bit more detail what you're trying to do? Thanks, Ben
    • JC Jozsef Csaszi 1 year ago
      This SDK is implement a manager which is always be in the memory. If you read something from Firebase » you alloc init that (and with alloc init you use more and more and more memory), because the manager is a singleton, or shared instance whatever we name it. My question is from perspective of performance optimizations is, what if I'm not using this library only for chat messages and partners, besides I would to use too for store more complex data (especially transactions - accounts - partners, etc...). In my work, our team have to pay attention to use well the right cpu, storage and memory usage.
    • Ben Smiley Publisher 1 year ago
      The SDK uses CoreData to persist all the data from Firebase. CoreData should be able to handle high volumes of complex data. I don't think that 10k records would be a problem (it should be able to handle millions of records). But I think it will be constrained by the iOS device you're using and the limitations of CoreData rather than the Chat SDK. The SDK really just provides a framework to store data locally and synchronize with Firebase. So whichever technology you used to store and transmit your data, you would still run into the same performance issues in terms of processing your data on the device.
  • J Justin 1 year ago
    Can you change the styling of all UI screens?
    • Ben Smiley Publisher 1 year ago
      Hi Justin, When you buy this component, you have full access to the Xcode project so you can modify the XIB and storyboard files of all screens. Thanks, Ben
  • MB Matthias BUREL License holderChat SDK Complete - App License
    1 month support
    Purchased on Oct 3, 2016
    1 year ago
    Hello, How can i purchase the: Add contacts from phone book - $149 Note that i already purchase the source code, but i need this new functionality. Thanks
    • Ben Smiley Publisher 1 year ago
      Hi Matthias, Can you click the "Get Quote" button? Then we can setup the service. Thanks, Ben
    • MB Matthias BUREL 1 year ago
      Hello, It's done. Can you give me a feedback. Best
    • Ben Smiley Publisher 1 year ago
      Hi Matthias, I've updated the project. Thanks.
  • P Parscon 1 year ago
    Hello there are 2 important thing that you must add this app 1-Reply on message 2- Forward a message if you add these item i will purchase your SDK . Thank you
    • Ben Smiley Publisher 1 year ago
      Hi, I think we could add these features. How would you want the reply functionality to work? Currently, you can reply to a message by just typing a new message. Would this reply feature do something different? I'm imaging forward would allow you to forward a message to a different user or group thread. Thanks, Ben
  • KS Karm Singh License holderChatSDK front end + Firebase - app license
    1 month support
    Purchased on Aug 3, 2014
    2 years ago
    Hi. I've spent substantial time trying to integrate the Chat SDK into an existing project without much luck unfortunately. I am a proficient coder and have solid knowledge of cocoapods and objective c. Following the documentation please can you do some housekeeping and updating. There are several different places where you show how to integrate this into existing projects...however they all differ slightly and causing confusion. For example; what you show in your Google Doc integration guide is different from the response in the support thread. I am sure we all...paying customer especially..would appreciate you posting a single, clear step-by-step guide on how to integrate the Chat SDK into an existing project. Many thanks.
    • Ben Smiley Publisher 2 years ago
      Hi Karm, I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems. The Google docs differ from the support threads because the code has evolved over time. The support threads you're looking at probably relate to an earlier version of the code. The reference point should be the integration guide and the documentation at the bottom of the product page. The best place would to address these problems would be in a support thread. If you create a new thread, we'd be very happy to help you with the specific problems you're having and update the documents accordingly. Thanks, Ben
  • MS Mahmoud Sheikhan 2 years ago
    Hello Is It can sync multiple devices with desktop etc ? that mean currently we have app that work with our desktop and android and web and IOS. and if your sdk support it we will use it on our project .
    • Ben Smiley Publisher 2 years ago
      Hi Mahmoud, The SDK currently supports iOS and Android. We do have a web version but the licensing is separate and it has a slightly different feature set to the standard version. Thanks, Ben
  • J John 2 years ago
    Hi Ben, Correct me if I am wrong but the plans offered by firebase seems to have changed compared to what you mention above (please see On the other hand, do you offer the possibility for the message sender to see if the reciever has read it ("Delivered" vs "Seen") if we use your code. Thanks
    • Ben Smiley Publisher 2 years ago
      Hi John, Which part of the pricing did you feel had changed? I think the pricing has only changed once in the last few years. We are now offering read receipts - delivered, reached device and read. The upgrade costs and additional $149. To request this you should use the "get a quote" button. Thanks, Ben
  • B Billy 2 years ago
    I downloaded the android SDK... sorry for posting this here, but the page does not exist for Android, and push notifications aren't working on it.
    • Ben Smiley Publisher 2 years ago
      Hi Billy, When did you purchase the Android SDK? I cant find a license for this account. Which page are you referring to? Thanks, Ben
  • HG Halldor Gislason 2 years ago
    I am looking for a chat to integrate into an iPad app where the Chat would not be a main feature but only a side feature to allow users to chat. Is the SDK well suited for picking out selected component(I would i.e. use the current user authentication and not want to implement another one just for the chat). There are different companies using the app and I would like to let them have their own chat(their own firebase I guess) Is it fairly straightforward to accomplish both(company specific chats and deployment of selected functionality?) Thanks, Halldor
    • Ben Smiley Publisher 2 years ago
      Hi Halldor, The SDK is very modular so it's possible to only integrate certain parts of it with your app. It's also easy to integrate with an existing authentication system. We can provide some code snippets which will allow your server to generate an authentication token. This token can be passed back to the app when the user logs in, thus authenticating them with the chat system. There would be several ways to allow different companies to have their own chat. If you could provide more details about what you're trying to achieve, I could advise you on the best option. It may be best to discuss this further in a private thread. You can use the "Get a quote" button to create one. Thanks, Ben
  • D dev 2 years ago
    Hi Ben, The company that I am working with is interested with this product, however do you have Swift implementation of this? Thanks.
    • Ben Smiley Publisher 2 years ago
      Hi, I'm afraid we don't currently have a Swift implementation of the code. Although Swift has some benefits, most of the third party code that currently exists in the iOS ecosystem is written in Objective-C. That means that most new projects will either be written in Objective-C or be a mix of Swift and Objective-C. In the future we may consider making a Swift version but that would only be when Swift has a higher adoption. Thanks, Ben
    • D dev 2 years ago
      Hi Ben, Thanks for the reply, having said that, there is no way to integrate our app written in Swift with your Chat SDK? Thanks.
    • Ben Smiley Publisher 2 years ago
      It is possible to combine Swift with Objective-C. When you import Objective-C code to a Swift project, Xcode should prompt you to generate some extra header files. These would allow you to access all the Chat SDK functions from your Swift code. I'd be happy to help you with the process if you decided to buy a license. We also have a 14 day money back guarantee, so if it didn't work out, you could get a refund. Thanks, Ben
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