Chatter - iOS 8 Chat App

Chatter - iOS 8 Chat App

Released 3 years ago , Last update 3 years ago

A basic instant messenger app for iPhone optimized for iOS 8, which uses Parse as a free backend.

Chatter is a basic, iOS 8-optimized instant messenger app for iPhone with support for Facebook login, photo messages, basic user profile pages, and more. It uses Parse as a free backend, so there's no need to program one from scratch.


  • One-to-one chat
  • Facebook login
  • Search users
  • Save users to favorites list
  • Settings Screen
  • About App page
  • Basic profile page
  • Customizable user display photo
  • Customizable user display name
  • Welcome, Login and Register screens
  • Send Pictures
  • iOS 8-ready!

Requires: Xcode6, account


Setting up Parse

  • Visit
  • Sign up for an account.
  • Once you've signed up, you should be presented with a screen similar to the one below. Click on Settings at the top of the screen.


  • Once you're on the settings tab, on the left hand side you will see "Keys" link. Click on it and you'll be presented with a screen like the one below.

  • Now that you can see your Parse app keys we can place them inside our iOS code. Open up the Chatter project in Xcode, open the "app" folder and click on "AppDelegate.m"
  • Now that you're in the AppDelegate.m file you can change the app keys to the ones provided on the "Keys" screen in parse. Example below.


Setting up Facebook

To allow your users to login via Facebook you'll need to setup a developer account within Facebook.

  • Register or sign into Facebook, then visit
  • Click the "Apps" tab at the top, and then "Add a New App"

  • Follow the instructions and once all is done go to your "App Dashboard" within Facebook.
  • In your dashboard you will see an app ID and an app secret code. Copy the app ID code.

  • In Xcode go to "App > Supporting Files > info.plist and paste the app ID code from Facebook into the value of the FacebookAppID key.
  • Now copy the same key into "URL types > Item 0 > URL Schemes > Item 0" value in the info.plist, but this time put "fb" (without quotes) infront of the app ID key.


App Settings Tab

In Chatter's "Settings" tab you'll be able to access your profile and about app pages, as well as "Tell A Friend" and log out functions.

Tell A Friend

To edit the links for the Tell A Friend action you'll need to go to the "SettingsView.m" file. The following picture will show you which code to change to personalize it to your app.


To edit the about page you'll need to go to the "AboutView.m" file. The following picture will show you which code to change to personalize it to your app.

To edit the layout and text of the about page you will need to edit the AboutView.xib file. Its easy to edit the text, just double click the text box and edit.


  • Time-Saving

    Save yourself over 50 hours of development time, which is what it took to build Chatter.
  • Cost Effective

    Hiring a developer to build a similar app would be pricey. Chatter lets you get started for much less, and without waiting for development time.


14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


Application License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Non-commercial use

  • 1 month support

2 licenses, starting from From » $39.00 View Licenses

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