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Add content management functionality to any site.

Content management, easy and flexible.

Add content management functionality to any site by just including the cockpit api in your script.

//Render a region anywhere on your site

<div class="xyz"><?php region("region-name");?></div>

Cockpit provides a backend to manage your content, either regions or collections of items e.g. for blogs or product catalogs.

Access the content everywhere by simple api function calls. Perfect for small to midsize websites without restricting you how you organize your site (file structure etc).

Cockpit comes with an integrated file manager that enables you to edit files, upload images and much more.

Cockpit also provides handy tools like assets management (including less and scss parser), thumbnail creation and markdown parser just with simple api calls.

NO SQL SERVER REQUIRED Cockpit stores its data using sqlite which is shipped with php. Perfect for deploying websites without any headache about exporting/importing sql-dumps.



Cockpit just delivers content. Implement your site the way you want, period.

Self hosted

Keep complete control. Cockpit doesn't dictate the way you organize your site.

Crazy fast & lightweight

No need for a full SQL server for your small to mid-size site. We don't slow your site down.


Do you need more functionality? Creating your own modules is easy.

Modern & Simple Interface

A modern and simple UI supports you managing your site and content.

Some Batteries included

Less, Scss, Assets, Thumbnails and many more tools helps you to kickstart your site.


PHP >=5.3 + PDO with SQLite support

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14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


Try before you Buy

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 site, unlimited servers

  • No distribution (hosted use only)

  • Non-commercial use


Setup / installation

To install Cockpit, just follow these steps:

  1. Upload the "cockpit" folder to the root of your domain.
  2. Go to {}/cockpit/install and follow the instructions.
  3. That's it, you are ready to go.
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  • LF Luís Ferreira 4 years ago
    Looks like a fresh, simple and good approach. Questions: 1 - Addons - Are there any public addons? 2 - Form validation - How to make backend form validation? 3 - CodeIgniter integration? is it possible, or maybe advice on what to use to handle backend code. 4 - Permissions - From a development point-of-view it's all good, but if I want to grant access to some "editor", the permissions available (out-of-the-box) don't seem to allow me to grant permission to edit a region, like fill in the form fields I set up but disallow the editor to change the form. 5 - Security? - Is Cockpit production ready in terms of security?
  • P pushandplay 5 years ago
    Looks good but not working and totally unsafe. After install redirect me to 404 page and show full my server path in address string. WTF?
    • Artur Heinze Publisher 5 years ago
      hi, I'm sorry about your issues could you please send an email to so we can try to resolve the problem?
    • pushandplay 5 years ago
      I'm use hosting php 5.3 mod rewrite on all others CMS working perfectly install to subdomain
    • Artur Heinze Publisher 5 years ago
      Hi, could you please send me an email to with temp. ftp access? I would really like to solve the issue and would be thankful to figure out any mediatemple related issues. Thanks and Regards, Artur