CodeIgniter CMS backend

CodeIgniter CMS backend

Released 7 years ago , Last update 2 years ago

Content Management System backend based on the CodeIgniter framework.

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  • W Will 3 years ago
    Hi, if for example, I wanted a solution that would allow users to maintain an FAQ section, splitting each question into a 'post', how could this be best accomplished? Would you set a category 'FAQs' for example? Or would there be some other way you would recommend? Also, integrating this into an existing CI2.2, straight forward? (i.e. FuelCMS has a reasonable amount of upfront work if you have a lot of functionality in your app)
    • Kristian Feldsam Publisher 3 years ago
      Hi, MM (Modular Modules) allows you to write new module just by defining database models. So you should create new module "faqs" and model "faq_question" and "faq_category". Model "faq_question" has properties "question", "answer" and related property "faq_category". Model "faq_category" has property "title". More info about MM This app is standalone admin interface web app, which work with your existing mysql database, so there is no need for integration with any existing apps. Mysql is only one junction point between admin interface and your app, but DB models/tables have to compatible naming conventions. You can write frontend on this app also, I provide basic structure and pages module has frontend controller, you can reuse DB models etc, but it is just draft. I focus on admin part because frontend I use only on small simple (presentation) sites. Best regards Feldsam
  • AG Adrian Geismaier License holderPersonal
    Purchased on Mar 27, 2014
    4 years ago
    Hi For Personal license I will get full source code ? I want to extend the project and I will like to have it. Kind regards, Adrian
  • RS Roald Schuijt License holderiKFSystems Personal
    Purchased on Jul 17, 2013
    4 years ago
    Thanks for your quick reply, i fixed the problem. all folders have read and write right that was not causing the problem. You encrypt the url in the upload page. the url had too much characters (more than 300) and caused the error 400. My provider changed the setting max url length and now it works. nice coding Roald
  • RS Roald Schuijt License holderiKFSystems Personal
    Purchased on Jul 17, 2013
    4 years ago
    Hi Kristian, I have another question. I had to change the webserver where is use your cms. A problem occured when i want to upload pictures. Uploadify just stops or it gives me an error (HTTP Error 400 Bad request) . Have you seen this before? Is it also possible to echange texy for something else? Thank You. Roald Schuijt
  • KF Kristian Feldsam 4 years ago
    Default admin login is admin and password qwertz, it's used for demo too.
  • R reza 4 years ago
    please provide me username and password to check demo!
  • FD fiki diki 5 years ago
    login details for demo atleast?
  • JH Justin Hartman 5 years ago
    Hi Kristian, how much would you charge to add an ecommerce module to this CMS?
  • KF Kristian Feldsam 5 years ago
    Hello, somebody change password :(, so I reset demo and you can login now. I add cron which reset demo every hour.
  • T t-pack25 5 years ago
    Hello, I try use demo, but the login (admin:qwertz) is incorrect. Can you tell me the corrent this? Thank you.
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