Codespire Dokumen - Responsive Markdown Viewer

Codespire Dokumen - Responsive Markdown Viewer

Released 4 years ago , Last update 4 years ago

Dokumen is drop-in Markdown document viewer, with minimal setup you can create a beautiful document site from Markdown document and upload it online or use in your application distribution.

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Key Features

  • Drop-in online Markdown document viewer.
  • Support responsive view for mobile and tablet view.
  • Built on Bootstrap 3.0 CSS Framework.
  • A numbers of customization options.
  • Options overridable through JSON file.
  • Automatic generation of TOC (Table of Content).
  • User able to customize Markdown content display sorting.
  • Beautiful Markdown document format and theme.
  • Quick-start example with Markdown documents.
  • Using Composer for easy library updating.


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Single Site License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use

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Setup / installation


  • PHP 5.3+


Copy the Dokumen application from script folder in download package into you web server root. First we need to install the library dependency using composer by using below command.

composer install

If you don't have Composer installed please install it using below command in your Dokumen folder. You can the detail of installation here for alternative option of installing Composer.

curl -sS | php

After all package have been install by Composer, everything is set and you access it through web browser base on your environment setup. Read through Example and Option section to tweak the Dokumen application base on your requirement.

Quick Start

You can copy a quick start sample of Markdowns file from folder sample-markdown in your downloaded package.

Example usage

Basic Config

Dokumen can be run without any configuration, but you might want to change it's default value to reflect you document such as title or document version. Most of the config properties are self explanatory.

'site' => array(
    'title'             => 'Your Title',
    'title_sub'         => 'You Sub Title',
    'description'       => 'Document description',
    'version'           => 'v1.0',
    'author_name'       => 'Your Name',
    'author_site_link'  => '',
    'author_site_title' => 'Author Site',

To change the default configuration please edit the config.php inside folder app from Dokumen root path. Above is the option section that might need your attention.

'document' => array(
    'version'       => '1.0',
    'last_update'   => 'auto',

A little bit tweak on the document section of config array to reflect you document version or last update time. Using auto value for last_update will let the application decide last update time based on most recent modified time of Markdown files. You can statically set the last update base on your setting.


Dokumen provide more than simple functionality, most of the task and heavy lifting are handle by system. User still have a further choice to reconfigure the Dokumen application through it options. All Dokumen options can be configure through config.php file in app folder.

Table below provide all option with the description, by convention the option document.version is referring to a value of multi-dimension array in config file as below.

// .. others option

'document' => array(
    'version' => 'v1.0.0'

// .. others option

Options Table

Option Description
site.title Dokumen site title
site.titlesub Dokumen site sub title
site.description Site description
site.version Application or site version
site.authorname Author name. Use null to hide
site.authorsitelink Author site link
site.authorsitetitle Author site title. Use null to hide
document.version Your document version. Use null to hide
document.lastupdate null,auto or String<date> Using auto will let system to decide last update based on file last mofdified time. To hide this use null
document.contentpath String<path> Location of Markdown files
document.order Array<filenames> Array of filenames used to order the content in view documents, this option is optional.
section.header true,false Enable or disable header section true,false Enable or disable social section true,false Enable or disable info section
section.toc true,false Enable or disable TOC (Table of Content) section
section.contents true,false Enable or disable contents section

Option Override

All of option in config file can be override by having dokumen.json file in Markdown content folder. The multi-dimension structure must be identical to the config.php file. You can just override the desire value only but the structure must be according to the master config file.

    "document": {
        "order": [

The json example above will be relfecting the option in config file as below. The order might not exist in master config file, but it will be automatically insert into the option array.

    "document" => array(
        "order" => array(

Social Button Options

Setting and enabling socials button is straight forward, use null if you want to disable any button.

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