Coloring Book iPad App Template

Coloring Book iPad App Template

Released 4 years ago , Last update 3 years ago

A quick and easy way to create a coloring book app for iPad, without the need to learn how to write code. The easy to use template loads your coloring pages in JPEG or PNG format and outputs a native iPad app, ready for the App Store.

A quick and easy way to create a coloring book app for iPad, without the need to learn how to write code. The easy to use template loads your coloring pages in JPEG or PNG format and outputs a native iPad app, ready for the App Store.

The Coloring Book App project has the following features:

  • Easy to use. Simply replace the sample coloring pages with your own (named page1.jpg, page2.jpg, page3.jpg, etc).
  • Supports an unlimited number of pages.
  • Step-by-step guide included.
  • Supports all iOS devices with iOS 7 or above: iPad 2, 3, 4, and iPad mini.
  • App includes simple editing tools, suitable for kids of all ages.
  • Users can save or print their creations.
  • iOS 7 and iOS 8 compatible
  • New in v1.1: Use either JPEG or PNG images.
  • New in v1.1: More colors added to the palette.
  • New in v1.1: Option to include looping background music (add a file named background.mp3).

Developed by the creator of the popular Story Book App and Comic Book App templates, also available on Binpress.

This is a simple coloring book app template, ideally suited for creating great apps for kids. Please do not expect this to be a Photoshop class app, it's very basic so that kids can use it. If you have suggestions for new features then please let me know.

Xcode 4.5 or above is required to use this project, you can download Xcode free from the Mac App Store.

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A quick guide to creating an iPad App with the Coloring Book App Project

Step 1. Create your files.

For the coloring pages, the app requires either JPEG or PNG format images. These must be named:

For JPEG files: pageX.jpg, where X is the page number (eg page1.jpg, page2.jpg, page3.jpg, etc).

For PNG files: pageX.png, where X is the page number (eg page1.png, page2.png, page3.png, etc). PNG files must have a transparent background, for PNG files only the outlines of your coloring pages will be shown – this enables the app to place the file above the user’s coloring so that they cannot color over the outlines.

You will probably also want to change the titlescreen image and the background image for the page selection screen. Simply edit or replace the files titlescreen.jpg & pageselect.jpg in the “App images” folder of the project.

Also, if including background music have a file named background.mp3.

NOTE: Filenames are case-sensitive. All page filenames must be lowercase. Also, don't include leading zeros in your page numbers – page1.jpg is correct, page01.jpg is not correct. If for any reason your files are not loading, please check the filenames.

Step 2. Add your files to the project.

At this point you need to open the Coloring Book App project in Xcode (that's the file with a blue icon named ColoringApp.xcodeproj)

  • In the left pane (Project Navigator) within the folder “Pages” you will see the files for the example book, which was included with the project. Delete those, and choose “move to trash”.
  • Next, Right-click the pages folder to add your files to the project
  • When prompted, check the box labelled “Copy items into the destination group's folder”, and under “Add to targets” make sure “ColoringApp” is checked.

alt text

Step 3. Configure your App.

Also in the left-pane (Project Navigator), select the file ViewController.m, find the block of code below. You need to set options such as how many pages are included, whether to use jpeg or png files, and whether to enable background music. (highlighted in bold below).

// *****************************
// ** App Configuration Begin **
// *****************************

// See the PDF guide for help adding your content to the app

// Coloring pages must be named: pageX.jpg (where 'X' is the page number)
// NOTE: Filenames are case-sensitive, and must be lowercase

// Enter below the total number of coloring pages

// Play looping background music?
// Add a file named background.mp3 to to 'Pages' folder and set the
// option below to YES

// Use transparent PNG files instead of JPGs?
// Transparent PNGs enable the outlines of the coloring pages to stay
// above the user's editing, so that the outlines cannot be colored over
// Change the option below to YES, and name your files (page1.png, page2.png, etc)

// *****************************
// **  App Configuration End  **
// *****************************

Next, to change the name displayed underneath your app’s icon, open the file ColoringApp-Info.plist. Here, change the text in “Bundle display name” from “ColoringBook” to the name of your app. You don’t need to rename anything else, the project name can stay as “ColoringApp” – only the “Bundle display name” is seen by users.

Now, click “Run”…

alt text

You’ll now see your app running on the iOS Simulator or your iOS device.


You will also want to replace the icons with your own. The icon is included in two sizes, icon.png is the standard icon (72x72 pixel), icon@2x.png is the Retina display icon (144x144 pixel).

After you’re finished building your app, follow Apple’s instructions for uploading your app for release on the App Store.

Apps built with this project

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  • HG Harry Gill 6 months ago
    Hi, Just a question about your Coloring Book iPad App Template. Does it have a "paint bucket" option to colour or is it strictly a brush/pen tool? Thank you in advance. Regards Harry
    • Chris Mayer Publisher 6 months ago
      Hi Harry. There's not a paint bucket tool, just brush/pen and eraser. Chris
  • S Sharne@Feline 8 months ago
    Hi, is it at all possible to try out a demo app made from this app (one where coding has not been edited in any way)? We'd like to test the functionality before purchase. Thanks
  • JW Julie whitecotton 9 months ago
    I would like to know if I can charge for coloring pages on this app. Thanks