Complex number class

Complex number class

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Complex number class

Complex numbers are of vital importance in engeneering, physics and math, also many topics on game development , require understanding of complex number field of application. The class is a single .h file The class implements templated overloaded operators, an exaple of usage is as follows:

// declaration
CComplex a(1,2),b(2,4) ,c(3,2),d(1,1),e(2,2);

//Arithmetics :

a= b+c;
a= 10.0f / b ;
a= b / 10.0f ;
b = a * 10.0f;
b+=c ;
b/= c *10.0f;
a = b * c ;
b = c/ b ;
a = b+c +d +e ;
// get real and immaginary part

float r = a.GetReal();
float i= a.GetIm();

// get real and immaginary part in trigonometric form

r= a.GetRealTrigForm();

CComplex  Coniugate ,Reciprocal;

// coniugate and reciprocals

Coniugate= a.GetConiugate();
Reciprocal = a. GetReciprocal();

// modulus and phase

float m  = b.GetModulus();
float ph = c.GetPhase();


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