Corona SVG Mobile Games Level Builder

Corona SVG Mobile Games Level Builder

Drag and drop physics level editor using Inkscape. Draw levels and edit game objects inside Inkscape! supports all the mobile platform Corona does, including iOS and Android

  • Language: Lua
    Platform(s): Corona
  • Released: Dec 10, 2011
    Last Update: Dec 9, 2011

Corona SVG Level Builder is a set of libraries to be used in a Corona SDK game that allows you to create Corona SDK levels, maps and game objects by just drawing in the free and open source vector drawing software Inkscape. Everything you draw in Inkscape is automatically converted into Corona physics bodies or paths.

It supports almost every Inkscape tool, allowing the creation of simple (rectangles, ellipses) to very complex physics bodies and paths (bezier paths). Then you can set physical properties and attributes (density, friction, vertices, etc) direct into Inkscape, without ever programming them. It supports all Corona SDK physics properties.

With it you only have to program the game logic itself. You won’t have to worry about element placement and positioning, which can be very time consuming when done by hand.

alt text

What kinds of games can you make with it?

With the Corona SVG Level Builder you can create and edit Corona SDK physics based games and levels by just drawing in Inkscape and then setting physics properties and assigning images or animations with the built in Inkscape XML editor. Corona SVG Level Builder allows you to create very simple levels with just a few elements to very complex levels with lots of physics curves, complex terrains and lots of elements (example: an Incredible Machine like game).

Drag and drop level and physics editor.

Examples of games that can be created:

  • Platformers.
  • Top view racing games.
  • Labyrinths and mazes.
  • Slingshot based games.

Basically: any physics based game and level based game.


  • Everything you draw in Inskcape is transformed into a physics body or path. Example: if you draw a bezier path it will be transformed into a complex terrain, with perfect physics collisions and interactions. See more.

  • Support to Inkscape Rectangles, Ellipses, Bezier Paths, Spirals, Freehand lines, Calligraphy lines and Stars.

  • Five levels of Physics Properties Settings, which you can easily change and that will affect all bodies of your game, of a level or just specific bodies. See more.

  • Physical properties assigning and updating direct into Inkscape. Example: assign density and angular velocity to a body direct into Inkscape. See more.

  • Physical Materials that allow you to group attributes of bodies that share the same properties, so you can easily update, add and remove attributes affecting all related bodies. See more.

  • Support to multiple layers where you can group common objects and order them. See more.

  • True resolution independence and dynamic scaling. Draw only one level and run it on iPhone, iPad, Android Phones and Tablets. See more.

  • Attributes Aliasing so you don’t have to keep typing long property names. See more.

  • Background Images to your levels direct assigned and positioned in Inkscape. See more.

  • Composite Backgrounds. See more.

  • Assign Images to your Bodies direct into Inkscape. See more.

  • Create your levels with Spritesheets. It even support multiple spritesheets in the same level. See more.

  • Add animations direct into Inkscape. See more.

  • Set Custom Shaped Bodies direct into Inkscape. See more.

  • Load your levels and physics bodies with just two lines of code. See more.

  • Easily deal with your game objects, so you can easily interact with them and detect what collide with what. See more.

  • There are so many features that it is hard to describe here! Check the Complete and Extensive Documentation. See more.

  • Lots of Examples, so you learn by practice. Examples include how to add touch and detect collisions on your levels; scrolling levels; animations and multiple spritesheets.


Three full game source codes are coming on the next update:

  • Platformer
  • Top down racing
  • Physics puzzle

With these source codes, you will just add your assets, update the logic with your needs and it will be ready to ship to Android and iOS!


Documentation and Examples

Complete and Extensive Documentation


  • The package is packed with examples of all features.
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  • AM Andrew Mainga 1 month ago
    Hi,am a newbie to corona and i found your product for creating objects for corona projects. The problem is there are no video tutorials where i can learn how to use it. Can you please help?