Cruzer: A Taxi App for Users, Drivers and Taxi Companies

Cruzer: A Taxi App for Users, Drivers and Taxi Companies

Released 3 years ago , Last update 3 years ago

A complete system for connecting users and taxi drivers. The app lets users find and request the nearest taxi on real time map, and gives drivers a separate login where they can accept requests. An included web server allows the taxi company to monitor and manage customer trips from booking to drop-off.

Cruzer is a complete solution for connecting customers with taxis. The application is developed for both users and drivers, with seperate logins for each. Users can request a ride from the nearest driver, and drivers can make their cars available and accept requests.

Using GPS, the app displays all available taxi drivers on the map, and finds the nearest driver to the user's location, though users can pick a driver themselves. When a user requests a ride, the driver receives a notification when containing the user's name, contact number, pickup location and drop-off location.

Web Admin Panel

A web-based admin control center allows taxi companies to manage users and drivers. By using the administration panel, taxi organizations can:

  •  Register new drivers/taxis.
  • View all information of registered customers and drivers.
  • View all driver ride histories.
  •  Filter ride history by location, driver name, passenger name and booking date.

Note: The source code for the web-based admin panel is included with the Developer License, but not he Application License. However, customers who purchase the Application License will be able to use a web admin panel hosted on our servers to manage their app. Use of the hosted administration panel is included in the recurring Application license fee.

Developer Requirements

  • Android Eclipse IDE
  • Android SDK

The complete Cruzer user manual can be downloaded from here: Download User Manual

Application Licence

  • Unlimited users and drivers can install the application
  • One admin panel login acces to the taxi company to manage the drivers.


User Manual

  • User registration

    Mobile numbers should be a valid number just in case drivers should need to contact the user.



  • user login


  • driver locations

    This page displays all available taxis as black markers on the map. Drivers who are on rides will not be visible here. The passenger’s current location is also shown on the map as a blue circle.


    The ride history displays the driver's name, the pickup and drop-off locations, the date and time, and the status of the ride: completed, pending, cancelled, and accepted or rejected.

  • Drive Tracker

    When drivers accept a request, users receive a push notification and are given the ability to track the driver until theu're picked up.


    Voice search lets users find the nearest taxi by asking, “Who is the nearest driver?”

    This voice search can be used only if the device supports Google Voice Recognition.
    By tapping on the TALK button the users can use the voice command.

  • Driver Login

    Drivers can login to a private area, where they'll be abe to accept ride requests.

  • Driver History & Online/Offline Mode

    Drivers can see a history of every customer they have given a ride. They ccan also toggle their status as "online" or "offline" to start or stop receiving ride requests.

  • Passenger Requests

    Here drivers can accept or cancel requests, and mark rides as complete.


  • Interactive Map

    All taxi drivers are displayed on the map with real time locations.
  • Push NOtifications

    Users receive push notifications when drivers accept their requests.
  • Taxi Tracking

    Users can track their requested driver on a map as they wait for them to arrive at the pickup location.
  • Vehicle Information

    Customers can see vehicle information such as make and model,  color and  maximum passenger count.
  • GPS Pickup

    GPS functionality removes the need for users to type in pickup addresses.
  • Voice Recognition

    Customers can use a voice command to locate the nearest driver.
  • Ride history

    Users can view a complete record of their previous trips.


14 day 14-day money-back guarantee


Application License

  • Recurring license

  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use

  • 6 months support

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