DotLock Easy Controller With Spy Picture control

DotLock Easy Controller With Spy Picture control

Released 6 years ago , Last update 6 years ago

DotLock implements the Android lock screen interaction on the iPhone and optionally captures a photo of unauthorized users entering wrong passwords.

Questions & Comments

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  • HB Hussain Barakat 6 years ago
    Hi, when I use this app can I lock the screen of my iPhone ? I mean even if press the (home button) in iPhone, it will be still lock, and never open unless if i put the correct lock ?
    • Laurent Taupin Publisher 6 years ago
      Hi. No, there's no possibility to interact with the iOS system if you want your application to be validated by the Apple Team. That's the reason why most tools, present on the AppStore, claiming a certain kind of "lock" or "screensaver" style have so bad comments. This component is to be used to protect the access to your own application.
  • PC Phil Charles License holderApplication License
    6 month support
    Purchased on Jul 31, 2012
    6 years ago
    Trying out> will update on how it goes...
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