DotNet Transform Image

DotNet Transform Image

Released 7 years ago , Last update 7 years ago

Resize, scale, crop and flip image transforms are easy with DotNet Transform Image. Just pass through POST form values to this component and it will create your transformed image automatically.

Transforming images is easy with the DotNet Transform Image component. You can scale, crop, rotate and flip your image in order to get it transformed to your requirements.

Because it's a chunk of code you can call on, it's great for multiple file processing, such as multiple image resizing, but also fine for single image processing too, perhaps upon user request to rotate the image, for instance.


Copy the dotnet-transform-image.aspx to your website root folder. Create 3 new folders in the root, titled display, originals and output. display is where you have a smaller version of your image to display to the user. originals is where you have your high quality original image which the output image will work from. output is where your image will be saved.

To use this component, just POST your form values to dotnet-transform-image.aspx as follows;

tImageWidth = The width of the image as an integer number only

tImageHeight = The height of the image as an integer number only

tImageCropStartX = The top left x-coordinate of the crop box area, integer number only

tImageCropStartY = The top left y-coordinate of the crop box area, integer number only

tImageCropEndX = The bottom right x-coordinate of the crop box area, integer number only

tImageCropEndY = The bottom right y-coordinate of the crop box area, integer number only

tImageRotate = The degrees to rotate as an integer - either 0, 90, 180 or 270

tImageFlipX = 1 to not flip on the x-axis, -1 to flip on the x-axis, integer number only

tImageFlipY = 1 to not flip on the y-axis, -1 to flip on the y-axis, integer number only

tImageName = The name of the image

These values when passed to the ASPX page will transform the image as you request. Easy!

Because this component works from a smaller screen display version plus a seperate high quality version, you have the speed of viewing the image quickly and the quality of a master version to use for transformation processing (which means you can choose to scale images upwards and get a high quality output image).

Documentation and demo example included with component.


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