easyRetina jQuery

easyRetina jQuery

Released 6 years ago , Last update 5 years ago

This components adds a fancy retina-like zoom-effect onto your scaled images.

Questions & Comments

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  • L Luca 5 years ago
    Is it possible to use 2 different images, one small to show and the other one larger to show in the magnifier? Thank you.
    • DK Denis Krüger Publisher 5 years ago
      Hey Luca, yes this is possible. I already realized a project with that issue. I will have a look at it and reply to your question in some minutes.
    • DK Denis Krüger Publisher 5 years ago
      Ok - I've thought that I've done this in one of my projects but it seems that I had the idea of this some times ago. I will make a little update of this component this evening with the wanted feature ;)
    • L Luca 5 years ago
      Great, thank you so much!
    • DK Denis Krüger Publisher 5 years ago
      Hey Luca, I've updated the component ... check it out ;) By defining a data-dash "data-retina" to the image-tag you can define the image of the mouseover effect. But keep in mind that the mouseover image should have the same ratio/dimensions as the preview image. Hope to helped you - might it be possible to show the final implementation of it in your project?
    • L Luca 5 years ago
      Thank you so much Denis. i have to say that your code was so well written, I decided to give it a try and it worked! Now I will mix the two things, but there is something I must leave because your retina will work in a gallery that has some weird controls and behaviours. Anyway I must say that I have been impressed by your talent and your kindness. I will send the link to my new site as soon as I will publish it. Luca
  • VS Vassilios Samaras 6 years ago
    Nice feature
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