E-Course Maker iOS Starter Kit

E-Course Maker iOS Starter Kit

Released 5 years ago , Last update 4 years ago

E-Course Maker is the premium starter kit to easily create fully-featured iPad e-course apps without writing a single line of code. No coding required - demo projects included, are easy to customize and ready to deploy.

E-Course Maker is the perfect starter kit for creating fully-featured iPad learning apps without writing a single line of code.

The E-Course Maker project has the following features:

  • Zero-code needed: designed so you won't have to write a single Objective C line. Edit the configuration files, bring in your audio, video and html files and you are done.

  • Supports iOS 5.0 to 6.1 devices: iiPad 2, 3, 4, iPad mini, iPhone 4, 5, iPod touch 4, 5.

  • Universal App, iPad and iPhone support in one application.

  • E-course content defined in plain XML .plist files, easy to edit visually with XCode's built-in editor.

  • Ad support. Monetize your application with an AdMob account.

  • In app purchase support. You can provide part of your course for free and make other chapters available only after purchase.

  • 5 types of learning content: video, audio, text (with decoration and images support), quiz and to-do list

  • Dynamic: any number of chapters and any number of files in each chapter

  • Video player: App remembers the current position for every video file

  • Audio player with ability to play 2x faster and 2x slower

  • Text files HTML formatting with text coloring and images. The app remembers the current position for every file

  • Quiz supports unlimited number of questions

  • To-do list supports unlimited number of tasks

  • Very small application size You can host video / audio content on your server to minimize application download size.

  • Beautiful: select one of 9 color schemes, or easily make you own scheme

  • Ready for localization. There are English and Russian localizations.

  • Cross promotion page for your other iOS applications.

e-course screenshot

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Application License

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  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use


Developer License

  • Perpetual license

  • 5 projects

  • Can distribute code and binary products

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  • 6 months support


Developer License

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  • 20 projects

  • Can distribute code and binary products

  • Commercial use

  • 6 months support

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How to make an e-course

All e-course data contained in the 'data' folder of XCode project. You can see demo project files in the picture.

e-course file and folder structure

1. Add course content and assets

First, you should replace app icons and splash screens with your own files. Demo project contains these files from an actual e-course for reference purposes.

Copy your video and audio files into the appropriate subfolders (named Video and Audio). If your e-course doesn't have any audio or video files then leave these folders empty - it is not necessary to have any in the course.

You textual content is added as regular HTML files, so you can add images, tables, text decorations and what ever you want. Drop these into the Text subfolder.

Note: The e-Course help file is also a regular HTML file, but it should be place in the data folder, not in any subfolder. So make your help file and any graphics for it and copy files into data.

2. Making quizzes

quiz content XML plist file

In the screenshot above you see an example quiz. Quiz is an array with questions and answers. Each array item contains a string 'question', one string 'answer' (it's the right answer) and one to three wrong answers (strings 'a1' to 'a3').

The right answer and the wrong answers will be placed in random positions each time when user have started the quiz.

Quizes can contain unlimited number of questions.

3. Creating to-do lists

To-do list XML plist file

In the screenshot you see an example of a to-do list. The list can contain unlimited number of tasks. Each task is a string with description - what user should to do after studying this chapter.

To-do lists are very useful if your e-course contains practical steps to achieve a goal. You can combine all practical things into the one list, so user won't forget about them.

User can mark each task with one of 4 states:

  • New task
  • Task has started
  • Task complete
  • I have trouble with this task

screenshot of to-do task states

4. Preparing the e-Course

Now you are ready for the last step - combining all content into the e-course.

All the information about your files is contained in the infoproduct.plist file, a plain plist XML file which looks like this:

e-course product info plist file

Enter your e-course title and subtitle into the appropriate fields. In the 'Content' dictionary you can make unlimited number of chapters. Each chapter has a 'title' and a 'name' (which means subtitle).

You should make a number 'progress' with value 0. The 'order' field defines the order of chapters. Put order = 1 for chapter1, order = 2 for chapter2 and so on.

Each chapter entry contains the descriptions of e-course files. Each file block ('video', 'audio', 'text', 'quiz' and 'todo') has two values: type and file name. Type can have the following values:

  • 0 for video files
  • 1 for audio files
  • 2 for text files
  • 3 for quiz
  • 4 for to-do list

File names don't contain any path parts - enter only the file name. The app will look up for file in the folder according to the file type.

After saving 'infoproduct.plist' you can run your project.

5. Change the color scheme of the course

You can pick a color scheme for the course. In the screenshot below you can see 9 prepared color schemes.

e-Course template color schemes

To change the color scheme, uncomment the relevant line in the AppDelegate.m file

//self.colorSwitcher = [[ColorSwitcher alloc] initWithScheme:@"blue"];
//self.colorSwitcher = [[ColorSwitcher alloc] initWithScheme:@"magenta"];
//self.colorSwitcher = [[ColorSwitcher alloc] initWithScheme:@"pink"];
//self.colorSwitcher = [[ColorSwitcher alloc] initWithScheme:@"red"];
//self.colorSwitcher = [[ColorSwitcher alloc] initWithScheme:@"yellow"];
//self.colorSwitcher = [[ColorSwitcher alloc] initWithScheme:@"brown"];
//self.colorSwitcher = [[ColorSwitcher alloc] initWithScheme:@"acid"];
self.colorSwitcher = [[ColorSwitcher alloc] initWithScheme:@"green"];
//self.colorSwitcher = [[ColorSwitcher alloc] initWithScheme:@"aqua"];
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  • JA Jim Atwood License holderApplication License
    Purchased on Jan 26, 2015
    3 years ago
    I purchased this a couple of days ago. It obviously doesn't work for iO8 and xCode 6.1.1 out of the box, BUT after a day of updating libraries, replacing deprecated code, and fixing a few major bugs, I managed to get the App to work almost perfectly. So anybody on the fence, the App is fixable until the developer can provide an official update. I wouldn't recommend the App for new users though as some of the code tweaks are quite intermediate to advance. It's a great App. Too bad the developer has pretty much abandoned the project. Fingers crossed he'll make an appearance and provide an update.
    • NW Natalie Wood 3 years ago
      Hi Jim, Would you be able to contact me directly? My email is natalie@cashdojo.com or Skype: natalie.cashdojo Thanks
  • GL glen larson 4 years ago
    Can you provide an android version? ASAP?
  • C Carlene 4 years ago
    Do you have android version of this app? I looked everywhere but cant find it not even on mobilap