Piano Keyboard for iOS

Piano Keyboard for iOS

Released 5 years ago , Last update 2 years ago

High-performance code for multi-touch piano keyboard for iPhone and iPad. This MIDI enabled keyboard is ready to plug straight in to your App.

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  • Smiley Brothers LTD Developer 3 years ago
    So, just to be clear. Would it be easy for me to add your files (in Objective-C) to my Xcode-project which I wrote in Swift and make it work? I'm new in iOS programming and have only been working with Swift so far.

    Would I be able to translate the entire file to Swift or should I just do like you said and add the Objective-C files to my app and try to make a bridge? Just want to make sure I understand correctly. Thank you for responding this fast !

    And you are saying that if I want to add your piano to my current project it would only need 5 lines of code?


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