Chat - Messaging SDK for iOS

Chat - Messaging SDK for iOS

Released 5 years ago , Last update 1 year ago

Fully featured customizable Objective-C framework to display and manage message based conversations - similar to Whats App or Messages. Quickly add text, picture and location based messaging functionality to your app.

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  • Smiley Brothers LTD Developer 1 year ago
    This SDK is implement a manager which is always be in the memory.
    If you read something from Firebase » you alloc init that (and with alloc init you use more and more and more memory), because the manager is a singleton, or shared instance whatever we name it.
    My question is from perspective of performance optimizations is, what if I'm not using this library only for chat messages and partners, besides I would to use too for store more complex data (especially transactions - accounts - partners, etc...).
    In my work, our team have to pay attention to use well the right cpu, storage and memory usage.

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