Photo Effects SDK for iOS

Photo Effects SDK for iOS

Released 5 years ago , Last update 5 years ago

A photo effects framework for iOS applications. Photo Effects SDK comes with 35+ ready to use photo effects with extensible architecture.

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  • Mos IT Ltd. Developer 4 years ago

    Effects List;

    Effects & Lenses:
    Aged, Lindale, Sonoma, Socorro, Daytona, Altamonte, Avatar,Winter,Mars, Napa, Alaska, Derby, Dusk, Dawn, Senibel, Lantana, Bilboa, Marine.

    Black and White:
    Grained, Lumino.

    Red, Sapphire, Sepia, Yellow.

    Dark, Rays Sapia, Rays Red, Rays Green, Rays Blue, Old Dirty, Paper Toss.

    Sharp, Dark.

    Sharp, Comic, Dark.

    Used Filters, Blend Modes to create Effects;

    Addition Compositing, Color Blend, Color Burn Blend, Color Controls, Color Cube, Color Dodge, Color Invert, Color Map, Color Matrix, Color Monochrome, Darken, Difference, Exclusion, Exposure, Gamma Adjust, Hard Light, Highlight Shadow, Hue Adjust, Hue Blend, Lighten Blend, Luminosity Blend, Maximum Compositing, Minimum Compositing, Multiply Blend, Multiply Compositing, Overlay Blend, Saturation Blend, Screen Blend, Sepia Tone, Soft Light Blend, Source A Top Compositing, Temperature and Tint, Tone Curve, Vibrance, White Point Adjust.

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