PayPal PHP SDK Class Library

PayPal PHP SDK Class Library

Released 7 years ago , Last update 3 years ago

Easily integrate PayPal API web services for Payments Pro, Adaptive Payments, Adaptive Accounts, Invoicing, Permissions, or PayFlow into any PHP project.

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  • Angell EYE Developer 4 years ago
    We are contemplating on using your services on the web app we are developing, We have following requirements, could you please go through this list of requirements and confirm that your wrapper class' is handling it?

    Our's is a multisided services platform, an employer assigns a freelancer to do some job. Freelancer will create partial invoices until the full value of the job is realized. We sit as a middle man, and does the job of forwarding the invoice to employer and transfer the amount collected from the employer to the corresponding freelancer, after taking a cut.

    1) We need to provide seamless integration on invoicing, The freelancer will use our web interface to create/send invoice. We will record the cost of the invoice in our database.

    2) It is the employers prerogative, to decide when to respond on the invoice. Say, he responded after 10 days of receipt of the invoice. When the payment is made our website traps it and records it in the database.

    3) When our web app come to know that a payment is made by the employer, we will transfer the amount (after taking a cut) to the freelancer.(adaptive payments)

    Can please advice us on which of your offerings is suitable to the above said scenarios?

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