Cabs Ultimate

Cabs Ultimate

Released 3 years ago , Last update 3 years ago

A modern location-based app design template optimized for the latest version of Android. Use it to build a taxi hailing app or modify it for any other kind of location-based application.

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  • Jouster Labs Pvt. Ltd. Developer 2 years ago
    It’s been pleasure to inform you about my company nPlus Technologies, we follow very high end agile strategy for the product development with the team of fine tuned by enthusiastic entrepreneurs. Our services are highly efficient , swift and affordable.

    Please find the demo link for customers and drivers android app along with the web admin panel.
    Admin panel Link :

    Username :
    Password :1234

    Customer Drive link :

    Driver Drive link:

    Passenger application features:
    ❖ Free downloadable passenger app for Iphone and Android.
    ❖ User has option to login using their phone number or Facebook credentials.
    ❖ Secured individual User account.
    ❖ Setting up Profile Image.
    ❖ Add one or more credit card details.
    ❖ Password recovery button.
    ❖ Change password anytime.
    ❖ Search taxi over Google map using GPS.
    ❖ Auto filling address over a touch.
    ❖ Automated booking request to nearest taxi driver.
    ❖ Auto calculation of distance and fare.
    ❖ Trip confirmation in 60 (Admin can define) seconds.
    ❖ Notifications upon Taxi arrival.
    ❖ Can call driver using default phone call.
    ❖ Track ongoing journey using Google navigation.
    ❖ Cash / credit card transaction with instant payment ereceipts.
    ❖ Email receipt in passenger's registered email address.
    ❖ Saves history of past trips for future reference.
    ❖ Trip history - Past and current booking.
    ❖ Social sharing over Facebook, Twitter whatsapp and Ratings.

    Driver application features: Based on the demo of Taximobility product
    ❖ Login credentials to every Driver.
    ❖ Password recovery button.
    ❖ Dashboard with driver account details.
    ❖ Go Online / Go offline button.
    ❖ Can see the location themselves over Google map.
    ❖ Secured individual Driver profile with image, Email Id, phone number, driving license
    and taxi details.
    ❖ Mandatory to activate GPS upon login.
    ❖ Automatically receives passenger's trip request with trip details.
    ❖ Confirms trip within 20 seconds or reject.
    ❖ Confirms passenger pick up by clicking Accept button.
    ❖ Can call Passenger using default phone call.
    ❖ Google navigation for ongoing trip.
    ❖ Send notification upon arrival to pick up passenger.
    ❖ Start trip by clicking "start trip" button.
    ❖ Cash / Credit card processing with instant payment ereceipts.
    ❖ A unique Trip Id number for each trip.
    ❖ History of completed trips.

    Administrator Panel:
    ❖ Easy taxi management solution and statistical report on dashboard.
    ❖ Manage site settings, SMTP mail settings, SMS templates, Social networking site
    settings, Payment gateways and banner settings.
    ❖ Details are saved from all booking channels in admin panel.
    ❖ Taxi company's admin can perform complete activities.
    ❖ Change password option.
    ❖ Add and manage taxi's taxi model, taxi capacity, taxi number, taxi amenities, taxi image
    and taxi fare.
    ❖ Add and manage Driver, driver details, driving license details, booking limit to an
    individual driver.
    ❖ Assign taxi and manage assigned taxi.
    ❖ Add and manage Users account, Ratings, Contacts, Contents, Miles.
    ❖ Access and extract trip transaction details which are completed, cancelled or rejected.
    ❖ Access and extract Account report and total earnings at a glance.
    ❖ Customized search options using datewise search, or transaction id based search,
    passenger name based search, driver name, taxi number etc ,.
    ❖ Real time updation of details in Admin panel.
    ❖ Easily track each driver, each taxi, each passenger and each transaction and ratings-from.

    Apart from above features we can able to customize as your wish.Fulfill your dreams.

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