Flux Live!  Simply Symphony!  for  WordPress!

Flux Live! Simply Symphony! for WordPress!

Released 2 years ago , Last update 8 months ago

Flux Live! Fluid Motion Multi Canvas Editor With Simply Symphony (ADW) Adaptive Page Server.


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  • Javascript Tech Developer 10 months ago
    Hi, I want to create a website that looks like the demo on the main page, http://www.binpress.com/images/stores/store41207/1p.jpg. When I use the demo page builder to test it it looks nothing like this and i'm not sure how to make it look so as I can't see where to add headings an so on.

    Would I be able to use your plugin with the basic 'twenty' site to manipulate that theme? Please help as the functionality is exactly what i'm looking for but I'm confused as to how to get it to work.


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