Custom DropDownList

Custom DropDownList

Released 7 years ago , Last update 7 years ago

A customizable DropDownList control

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    Written in C# this variation to the standard droplist could be really useful, but it needs a few tweaks. The source code is supplied so if required it can be converted to VB if desired although there is no need really. But is you are one of those clever people you could experiment more with the tool., so it is aplus that the source is included as wel las the compiled dll. Remember to set the page AutoEventWireup="true" otherwise you will struggle. This cannot be update via a standard datasource and a way to collect the users choice escapes me at present. I used a sqldatareader to grab data fromn adatabase and using the with statement and a list.add statement as included in the demo code, I could populate the list from a database. Presentation wise it is ok with the sizing working good - in the demo the control has the width set, but take that off and set the css ctr_panel to width:auto and it will size to fit the data which is good - or it cna be contrained at will, same with the height. Also the Rowheight is a good feature and a bit of left padding appled to the ctr_panel etc and the data moves in nicely. I woudl have liked to apply alternate background but it renders to a simple div without spans ot <p> so cant work out if alternate will be possible. Maybe via the Asp mod function? In principle, and certainly for the cost, this is a good tool, but we just have to solve the how to grab the users selection. Regards
    - Ray Howell, 6 years ago

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