Flux Live!  Simply Symphony!  for  WordPress!

Flux Live! Simply Symphony! for WordPress!

Released 2 years ago , Last update 8 months ago

Flux Live! Fluid Motion Multi Canvas Editor With Simply Symphony (ADW) Adaptive Page Server.


Questions & Comments

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  • SL S. lte 5 months ago
    Hello and great features! Can you tell me if you can use Yoast with this? Thank you? Beginner here.
    • Kelly John Brown Publisher 5 months ago
      I cannot speak of the compatibility issues, it was not tested, but I use yoast on 2 sites that are built with our editor.
  • G Gems 10 months ago
    Hi, I want to create a website that looks like the demo on the main page, http://www.binpress.com/images/stores/store41207/1p.jpg. When I use the demo page builder to test it it looks nothing like this and i'm not sure how to make it look so as I can't see where to add headings an so on. Would I be able to use your plugin with the basic 'twenty' site to manipulate that theme? Please help as the functionality is exactly what i'm looking for but I'm confused as to how to get it to work. Thanks
    • Kelly John Brown Publisher 10 months ago
      Hi, Not sure we have a demo page builder, can you tell me the version you are using and send the picture of what you are trying to build, the link to the picture on binpress is dead. I would have to look it up to make sure but 2012-2017 have support. Send to contact@plugnedit.com and I will have a look. SS
  • J Jan 2 years ago
    I'm experimenting with the lite version now, but the pages aren't adaptive for a tablet, It works fine for full screen or mobile. Is this a structural problem?
    • Kelly John Brown Publisher 2 years ago
      The full version has support for full sized pages on tablets, the lite version toggles what it displays according to screen width. If you wish to report a bug send it to contact@plugnedit.com please send a screen shot of what you are seeing. I will also publish the tablet support to the lite version next week. Download the version after after 19th of Feb. your pages will not need to be updated or edited in any way just install the new version.
    • Kelly John Brown Publisher 2 years ago
      HI, The plugin is updated with tablet support, you can download the newest lite version.
  • J John 2 years ago
    HI Ben Thanks for the feedback, we can set a option to float the text editor since this seems to be a problem. We are working on how to interpret the mobile design for the user but this will take some time. The next update will have some new in interpreters to help place objects better. We do not know any bugs for Mozilla, however the editor needs to load both the editor and the page before starting and takes time if images and scripts have not been cached yet. The first load of the editor takes a longer time in a new browser esp. if large images are used. Thanks John
  • B ben 2 years ago
    it has a unique and novel idea, but unfortunately ths editor has many flaws. for example: when I designed a page, it was good on chrome but it had problem loading in mozilla. moreover, text editor only stays that top of what your working on. so if your text gets a bit longer, you can't have access to text editor easily and you have to go all way up to find it and mobile version most of the time is disaster. it completely scramble whatever you had designed in webpage view and you have to redesign them again and sometimes you can't still get it right! I hope you really work on this problem and mage this good software a great thank you guys
    • Kelly John Brown Publisher 1 year ago
      Hi We have worked on how the mobile is displayed in the latest versions, it now sets the objects in a orderly fashion. john
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