Flux Live!  Simply Symphony!  for  WordPress!

Flux Live! Simply Symphony! for WordPress!

Released 2 years ago , Last update 9 months ago

Flux Live! Fluid Motion Multi Canvas Editor With Simply Symphony (ADW) Adaptive Page Server.



  • I love it! Simply Symphony is the Greatest ever Drag and Drop Site Builder for Wordpress! You can do what you exactly you want in seconds! This is the best tool to build your Landing Page like a flash! Big thanks for the developers! You are doing great guys!!!
    SY Sergey Yakovski
    1 year ago,
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  • Seems very good. I tried the Free Version and it seems very good. Now i have upgraded to the full version. I am sure it will be very good.
    SB Sarah Begum
    2 years ago,
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  • I have searched for some time for an editor that will build a full-width page within my existing theme. I am the webmaster for our church, but my skills with HTML are very minimal. The ability to work in both desktop and mobile formats is very useful. I look forward to updates such as easier inclusion of links and Hover ability. I am very satisfied with my purchase. Thank you! Brent
    BH Brent E. Hughes
    2 years ago,
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  • You still need the plugin to work well with your template theme so that it fits correctly, so you need to spend quite a bit of time playing with they layout as when you go to "view" your design can end up looking too far to the right or left.

    The product is excellent when you want to give a page more design elements and frees you up from grid style layouts, I love that you can have elements working on top, drop shadows and change shapes.
    HT Helen Thomas
    2 years ago,
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  • I would rate this product five stars on here.
    JC Jordan A Connolly
    2 months ago,
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  • Last time I purchased it it did not work with my theme. I was refunded without question. With the new updates I tried it once again because I love the older product, this is now for me a totally awesome product. I have tried many out there for WordPress and this is once again AWESOME.
    PK Paul E Kuiper
    5 months ago,
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  • Overall, the program is great. I have had a few minor issues, but the developer has been very supportive and prompt in making suggested improvements. I would rate it at f our stars ****
    TS Tom Steenson
    10 months ago,
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  • Amazingly easy-to-use tool for page editing in a drop drag and drop environment.

    It's a pleasure to work with this plugin with many features and it gives fast and good results without problems.

    A great deal for every webmaster.
    SB Steven Bol
    11 months ago,
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  • It looks good, it's easy to use, and if you only want to limit yourself to the old standards of the Web, it's good enough.

    But if you're like me and you want a web page or website that takes advantage of the advances in computers over the past 30 or so years, then Simply Symphony won't really satisfy your needs.

    Then you have matters of the interface---especially with dimensions and the like---SS needs to borrow from word processors and print layout programs. My manual dexterity is crap, and I'm sure there are others like me out there.

    That said, Simply Symphony is easier to use than the other page builders for WordPress, and looks better. That's what I think.
    AK Alan Kellogg
    2 years ago,
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  • Still needs work! When customizing/ building a page, this plugin overtakes the current header on my website and replaces it with a header that lists ALL the pages in our dashboard...even the test pages. As of right right now, I can't find a way to remove this feature. Also, going on 2 days now and no reply back from their support team regarding this issue. I paid for this plugin and only have 14 days to test it out before I reach the point of no return. Would love it if someone from this company would get back to me. =]
    EJ Elliot Johnston
    2 years ago,
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