FLV Parser

Read, Write, Parse, Stream and manipulate meta tags in FLV Containers on the fly

  • Language: ActionScript
  • Released: Jun 2, 2011
    Last Update: Feb 16, 2014

The FLV Parser makes use of the NetStream.appendBytesAction and NetStream.appendBytes methods to pass the parsed FLV tags from the ByteStream.

When a NetStream object enters "Data Generation Mode" you can write your own video / audio / meta tags to the stream.

The FLV class makes it possible by providing several methods for manipulating meta tags:

WriteMetaTag(object:Object, event:String='onMetaData')
WriteTag(type:int, body:ByteArray, timestamp:uint=0, timestampExt:uint=0, streamId:uint=0)
GetTagsOnTime(time:Number) : Array
MergeFLV() : ByteArray
Clear() : void
Destroy() : void

In addition the FLV class takes care of all the usual NetStatus events, so you can use the constructed NetStream object as any other.



FLV Class


isComplete - indicates the buffer, if full = true, else = false clearBufferOnComplete - clears the flv buffer when parsed header - ByteArray tags - Array of FLVTag objects


Seek(time:Number) : void

Seeks the buffer to the specific time in seconds

GetTagsOnTime(time:Number) : Array

Returns an array of tags after a specific time (use for seeking)

UpdateBuffer(buffer:IDataInput) : Array

Updates the FLV buffer and returns the parsed tags (use for progressive streaming)

WriteHeader(flags:int=0) : ByteArray

Writes the FLV header bytes and returns a FLVHeader object

WriteMetaTag(object:object, event:String='onMetaData') : ByteArray

Writes a meta data tag to the stream and returns a FLVTag object

WriteTag(type:int, body:ByteArray, timestamp:uint=0, timestampExt:uint=0, streamId:uint=0) : ByteArray

Writes a FLV tag to the stream and returns a FLVTag object

MergeFLV() : ByteArray

Returns a merged version of all FLV tags as 1 ByteArray

Complete() : void

Call this method when progressive streaming is finished

Clear() : void

Clears the buffer, header and all data consisted in the class

Destroy() : void

Clears and null all data



import com.ivoyankulovski.FLV.FLV;
import flash.net.NetStream;
import flash.net.NetConnection;
import flash.net.URLStream;
import flash.events.ProgressEvent;
import flash.events.Event;
import flash.media.Video;
import flash.utils.setTimeout;

* Remote FLV Streaming
* Uses 1 ByteArray to parse and construct two different NetStream objects

function CreateFLV() : Object
    * Enter Data Generation Mode

    var connection:NetConnection=new NetConnection();
    var netStream:NetStream=new NetStream(connection);

    * Config NetStream

        onMetaData:function(data:Object) : void{


    * Create the FLV Instance
    var flv:FLV=new FLV(netStream);

    * Create a video object to render the video

    var video:Video=new Video();

    return {flv:flv, video:video, netStream:netStream};

var container1:Object=CreateFLV();
var container2:Object=CreateFLV();

var delay:Number=1000;

* Create a URLStream object to parse as ByteArray

var urlStream:URLStream=new URLStream();
urlStream.addEventListener(ProgressEvent.PROGRESS, onStreamProgress);
urlStream.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onStreamComplete);
urlStream.load(new URLRequest('sample.flv'));

function onStreamProgress(event:ProgressEvent) : void
    var tags:Array = container1.flv.UpdateBuffer(urlStream);
    setTimeout(function () : void{
        var tag:ByteArray;
        var l:int=tags.length;
        var remoteTag:ByteArray;
        for(var i:int=0;i
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  • This code is very well done. I have looked to @thibault_imbert in the past for his expertise with video in Flash. This functionality is not available anywhere else.
    TS Tony Sherritt
    1 year ago, 0 comments
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