Form handler and validator

Form handler and validator

Released 7 years ago , Last update 7 years ago

Validate and filter forms with this PHP class using simple validation rules

This PHP class provides a simple interface to validate and escape form inputs. Returns errors as a PHP array ready for formatting in your scripts.

The form validator supports the following field types:

  • input (text, checkbox, radio)
  • select
  • textarea

And offers the following validation rules:

  • notNULL (is value is empty)
  • notZERO (is value equals to 0)
  • minLen (check for minimum string length)
  • maxLen (check for maximum string length)
  • numeric (is value numeric
  • email (is value a valid Email address)

The class also optionally cleans and escapes user input, to prevent attacks such XSS.

Try the demo to see it action.

Example code:

// Pass the $_POST data into the form class
$form = new Form($_POST);

// Adding a variety of filters
$form->toValidate('firm', 'notNULL;maxLen:200');
$form->toValidate('category', 'select;notZERO');
$form->toValidate('type', 'radio;notNULL');
$form->toValidate('tel', 'notNULL;numeric;maxLen:50');
$form->toValidate('email', 'notNULL;maxLen:200;email');
$form->toValidate('accept', 'checkbox;notNULL');

//Validate rules
$validationResult = $form->validate();

//Did form pass validation?
if ($validationResult) {
    $values = $form -> allValues();
    //Use values in your application!

} else {
    $errors = $form -> errors;
    //Display errors


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