GoogleTranslateAPI for Objective-C

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Google Translate API(v2) module for Objective-C

GoogleTranslateAPI is a Objective-C module to use Google Translate API(v2).

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Personal License

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  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use


Just copy all files in the package to your project.


Import to your class

#import "GoogleTranslateAPI.h"

Create a instance

GoogleTranslateAPI *aGoogleTranslateAPI = [[GoogleTranslateAPI alloc] init];

Implement delegate methods in delegate class.

Error handling:

(void)translate:(GoogleTranslateAPI *)aGoogleTranslateAPI didFailWithError:(NSError *)error

Progress status:

(void)translateProgress:(GoogleTranslateAPI *)aGoogleTranslateAPI message:(NSString *)message

Translate finishing:

(void)translateDidFinished:(GoogleTranslateAPI *)aGoogleTranslateAPI text:(NSString *)text

Call "translate" method to start translation

[aGoogleTranslateAPI translate:text sourceLang:sourceLang destLang:destLang delegate:self];

Real example

This "GoogleTranslateAPI" module is originally made for a iOS(iPhone/iPad/iPod) application "CamLingual". Full source code of the "CamLingual" is open for reference.

About CamLingual:

CamLingual source code:

This module may include package below

  • json-framework:
  • NSString+HTML(part of MWFeedParser):
  • Google Toolbox for Mac:
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  • V vimalmurugan 6 years ago
    hi, what i need to set for api_key in google translate