grocery CRUD

grocery CRUD

Released 7 years ago , Last update 2 years ago

Just few lines of code and you can create a full stable CRUD with nice views. grocery CRUD is an automatic CRUD system that everyone can works with.

Documenation of grocery CRUD »

grocery CRUD is designed to make a web developer's life easier. You don’t have to do every time the copy-paste of thousands code lines and views and don’t be sure if it works or not. You don't need to test your backoffice again and again to create just ... a CRUD . All the levels of php developers, can use it . But why to use grocery CRUD ?

  1. First of all it works with codeigniter a really powerful framework
  2. Second is really... really easy
  3. Third and most important its flexible.It has callbacks almost everywhere, so you have the opportunity to change everything.
  4. A php developer will write mostly only the business logic of the CRUD , no more javascripts no more views , no more css just ... PHP.

Let's go to an example. Lets say you have a table named "customers" and the field names are: fullname, age , email, date_added , comments. To create the crud for the table customers you simply need just few lines of code ( afetr the installation of grocery CRUD of course)

function customers(){

That's it! you just create a full stable CRUD with nice views for the table customers. For more about how to use grocery CRUD you can see the online documentation.

More examples for grocery CRUD you can see at the examples of grocery CRUD and for the documentation of the CRUD you can visit the webpage of grocery CRUD

The installation its really easy. You copy the files to your codeigniter project and its ready. For more about how to install it to your codeigniter project you can see it at installation of grocery CRUD

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MIT license

The MIT license is an open-source license.

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  • JC Juan Carlos 3 months ago
    what about grocery_crud with Angular... is possible?
  • SA Saleem Awan 7 months ago
    Can i make an ecommerce based website which include shopping cart in it?
  • P prabakaran 3 years ago
    one of the awesome crud app