Hotel App Starterkit for iOS

Hotel App Starterkit for iOS

Released 4 years ago , Last update 4 years ago

Easy to configure Hotel App Statertkit with a stunning flat UI look of iOS 7 and a customizable UI.

This project allows you to build your own iOS Hotel app for iPhone devices with a flat UI look that fits the new style of iOS7. It is fully customizable without editing any code, by editing property list text files (plist).

App Screens

  • About : This feature allows you to add hotel Banner Photo along with hotel details
  • Showcase : All your hotel room photos and any other general photos you would like to
  • Reservation : Through this user can request for reservation of rooms. App will automatically calculates the amount based on room types and number of people. Room prices and types of room are configurable in a simple PLIST format
  • News : This is basically a RSS reader. You just need to configure your RSS feed url in PLIST and app will fetch all the news updates done on this channel
  • Contact : This is most useful feature, where user can call to hotel for reservation and also fine the way to your hotel by following directions given on the map. Address details are also provided on this screen.
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MIT license

The MIT license is an open-source license.

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Hotel details can be configured in the plist file named ‘hotel_details.plist’ inside the project.

A sample PLIST is shown below for reference on how it is mapped to actual app UI.

Hotel details - hotel_details.plist hotel_details.plist

User Interface Configuration - app_ui_configuration.plist


If you need additional customization, please create a request on Services tab of this page

Frameworks and libraries

The following frameworks and libraries were used in the creation of this starterkit:

  • MapKit
  • MessageUI
  • ImageIO
  • SDWebImage
  • Foundation
  • Core Graphics
  • UIKit
  • UIColor+SSToolkitAdditions
  • Rss feed
  • UIPhotoGallery
  • REFrostedViewController
  • SDWebImage
License » MIT license Download

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  • B Bob 3 years ago
    Hello, good work ! I am not able to scroll in the about view. Any help? Thanks
    • Heaven Apps Publisher 3 years ago
      Hi Bob, Thank you. If the text is more than screen size about scroller allows scrolling. Regards, Satish
  • MK Mohamad Karim 4 years ago
    I am getting this: ld: framework not found SDWebImage clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation) I tried removing SDWebImage.framework reference and add once again. Help!
  • RM Ryan Michel 4 years ago
    How do I add captions to the photos?