HTML Muncher

HTML Muncher

HTML Muncher is a command line utility written in Python that rewrites classes and ids in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files in order to save bytes and obfuscate your code.

  • Language: Python
  • Released: Feb 20, 2011
    Last Update: Feb 20, 2011


How it Works

  1. You pass in a list of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files to be rewritten
  2. The CSS and JavaScript files are scanned to find any class and id references
  3. The classes and ids are mapped to new classes and ids with 1 or 2 letter names (a, b, c ... aa, ab, ac ...)
  4. The files are rewritten with the new class and id names and saved to a new location on disk



cd html-muncher
python install



munch --help


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